6 Ways to Stop Fighting after Getting Married


It’s common for a couple to get into fights, tiffs, petty confrontations and arguments after marriage. This can happen because partners tend to take each other for granted. If you want to stop fighting after getting married, here are some tips to follow.

1. Think about the impact of fighting on your children

You might think that your arguments, clashes, and fights stay within the walls of your bedroom, but it is not true. Children can easily feel the discomfort between parents and this can impact their upbringing and mental state. Before you both get into a fight, think about the impact of fighting on your children. Always use children as bait to ward off big fights and arguments.

2. Set your boundaries

Set clear limits and boundaries on things you shouldn’t or should say or do with your partner. For instance, if you start feeling that you’re about to fight over something trivial, switch the topic or ask your husband to bring a solution to the matter. It’s one of the best ways to stop fighting after getting married.

3. Know each other’s dislikes and likes

The root of most fights between married couples usually comes to knowing each other’s dislikes and likes. Your husband can pick a fight because he thinks that his wife trampled on his choices. To avoid this, know each other inside and out so that you don’t end up doing something your husband doesn’t approve of or like.

4. Admit your mistakes even if you’re not wrong

Making compromises are crucial for a marriage, and admitting your mistakes even if you’re not wrong is only one of numerous compromises that you should be ready to make in order to avoid fights after getting married. Don’t be afraid to say sorry!

5. Let go of things that you’re very rigid about

Most married couples fight over petty things since they cannot let go of their ego. They start asking why they must do something in a different way just because they got married. Then it becomes more about the fight of egos rather than about difference in opinion. If you want to stop fighting after marriage, learn how to let go of things that you’re generally very rigid about.

6. Make it a rule to avoid sex on the days you fight

By making a rule of avoiding sex on the days you fight, you’ll start viewing that you could be subjected to lack of sexual intimacy for those days together if you continue fighting. This can help the both of you to stop fighting. When you’re about to fight, think about ending up without sexual intimacy at night and you’ll gradually learn to avoid fighting and arguing.

Do you know some other ways to stop fighting in a marriage? Share your thoughts, please?