5 Alternative Sports Ideas for Children Who Don’t Like Team Sports


3. Golf

Who says junior can’t join you on Saturday mornings down on the greens? Youth golfers get all the breaks; cheaper golf clubs ($60-$100 a set, bag included), cheaper lesson rates (50-75% off the adult price), and cheap green fees (free to half price).

For anyone who hasn’t played a round, golf is a challenge to mentally control your physical skills, not just hit the ball as hard as you can. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take an abundance of strength to drive a ball. That’s what the club is for.

Golf is a smart sport alternative for kids with varying schedules, like children with divorced parents and a visitation schedule that would make them miss a league sport’s games. Golf can be played anytime, anywhere. Tournaments are held on weekends, but not every weekend.

Depending on where you live, golf can also be a year-round sport. If green fees are too expensive for your family’s budget, look into a family pass at a public golf course.

Or, you and your child can always hit the driving range for a few dollars per bucket of golf balls. One national organization committed to affordable golf lessons for children is First Tee (firsttee.gov).