35 Makeup Infographics that Can Improve Your Makeup Skills


New to makeup? Want to learn a new technique? Not sure what brush to use? Unsure which colors will suit you? I’ve gathered some useful infographics of makeup for you so you can always look fabulous.

1. Easy Makeup Ideas

2. Create Your Own Makeup

3. Differences Between Asian And Western Makeup

4. DIY Bridal Makeup Ideas

5. 5-Minute Everyday Eye Makeup Guides For Busy Girls

6. How To Contour For Your Face Shape

7. How To Create The Smokey Eye

8. Lipstick 101

9. When Makeup Should Be Seen Or Not Seen

10. 10 Essential Tips For Traveling With Makeup

11. Determining Your Face Shape

12. Brow Boot Camp

13. How To Apply Foundation

14. How To Find Your True Skin Tone

15. How To Fake Fuller Lips

16. Liquid Eyeliner Tips And Tricks

17. Eyeliner Styles

18. Highlighting And Contouring

19. Makeup Color Profiles

20. The Ultimate Eyeliner Fashion Vocabulary

21. How To Use Makeup Brushes For A Perfect Finish

22. Which Brush To Use For Eyeliner?

23. Hooded Eyes Makeup

24. How To Clean Makeup Brushes In 5 Minutes

25. 9 Unbelievably Simple Steps For Perfect Make-Up

26. 3 Ways To Cover Up Acne Scars With Makeup

27. How To Find The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

28. What Eye Shadow Colors Go Well With Eye Colors

29. How To Shape Your Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

30. What’s The Best For Your Eyes?

31. How To Apply Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

32. How To Prep Skin For Makeup

33. Powder And Foundation Cheat Sheet

34. The Science Of Brushes

35. When Should You Replace Your Makeup?