18 Lingerie Infographics


Lingerie has been inspiring women for centuries so far. Some women thinking of lingerie as their second skin, others appreciate its aesthetic beauty. But for many of us, the world of lingerie still shrouded in mystery.

How to choose the right lingerie for your body type? Which lingerie styles fit your bridal dress? How to choose the right bra to attract men? We’ve picked up 18 infographics about this important piece of wardrobe. Check it out!

1. The Evolution of Lingerie

2. What Lingerie Looked Like in the Early 20th Century

3. The Evolution of Bridal Lingerie

4. The History of the Bra

5. Lingerie Facts

6. Different Lingerie Styles

7. A Guide to Sexy Lingerie Styles

8. The Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

9. Types of Bra

10. The Best Bra for Your Breast Type

11. How to Choose the Right Bra to Attract Men

12. The Bra That Matches the Dress

13. 12 Types of Panties and How to Pair Them Perfectly with Bottom-Wear

14. How to Choose Bridal Lingerie

15. Which Lingerie Styles Fit Your Bridal Dress

16. What to Wear Under Bandage Dresses

17. What Does Your Lingerie Say About You

18. 20 Things You Can Buy for the Same Price as the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra