9 Ways to Get More Energy during the Winter Season


For many people winter is the season when they begin to feel exhausted and tired. I’m sure many of us suffer from the lack of energy so I want to suggest you some useful tips to increase the capacity of your body in winter. You can try them. Here is a great variety of tips. Everyone is sure to find something suitable. It can be healthy food, active lifestyle or relaxing massage. I am convinced if you try any of these ways you will meet the New Year in your best mood and look.

1. Different kinds of massages

Massage is a wonderful way to refresh your body’s energy. It will certainly provide you with good feelings for the whole day. Nowadays there are different kinds of massages. For instance, you can try aromatherapy massage. This massage has the ability to remove toxins from your body. Moreover, having massage is a big pleasure after which you will feel relaxed and even a bit sleepy. But after some time you can feel how energy flows to your body. During the massage you will enjoy delicious aroma of various essential oil such as rosemary, grapefruit, mandarin and others.

2. Have a healthy snack

Don’t forget that food that you eat between meals is also extremely important for your health and body’s energy. That’s why pay attention to snacks that you eat during the day. Never buy such food as chips or biscuits or sweets for snacks. Your snacks should be healthy and nourishing. In such case your body will be provided with enough energy for the whole day. For example, rice crackers, pumpkin seeds or other food rich in proteins can be a very good choice.

3. Drink enough water

Every doctor can tell you that water is an essential part of our body. Very often we neglect drinking water. But we must make it a rule to control the quantity of water which we drink during the day. Sometimes our bad feeling, fatigue is directly connected with the deficit of water in our body. For many of us it’s difficult to drink enough water cause every time we are busy with something at work or at home and simply we forget about that important rule in our life. To feel good you should certainly avoid drinking coffee and strong black tea. These drinks include much caffeine and can dehydrate your body. When body is dehydrated it results in bad feeling of tiredness. So drink more water or green tea and fruit juices. The result will surprise you!

4. Eat substantial meals

One more important recommendation for you how to save your energy in winter is to eat substantial meals. People usually think that only meat or fish can be nutritious enough. But not only this food can be. Everything is much more simple. Try to eat more soups in cold seasons. There is a big variety of them. Different vegetable soups will give more energy to your body. Another substantial meal which everybody can afford at home is a stew. It is a high-calorie dish that you can cook from vegetables growing in your garden. For instance cook a stew with beans. They have ability to control your blood sugar level and certainly provide your body with much energy in winter.

5. Meditate

Some people can’t accept this solution seriously, some can even be skeptical about that. But if you try this tip, you will understand that it really works. Only several minutes of meditation during the day will wake up your body and give more energy. It’s a good way of relaxation. And not only is your body relaxed but your mind too. While meditating you forget about your problems and just penetrate deeply into your soul and mind. I want to convince you that meditation will change your mood and feelings for better.

6. Active lifestyle

Active lifestyle is extremely important for our health. I know that it’s not an easy thing to do some sport in winter, because the weather is cold, your body is tired and week and very often you feel sleepy. But in spite of all these things you shouldn’t be lazy. Do any kind of sports! Go to the gym or run in the yard. When you are active, you boost your energy.

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7. Communicate with people

It’s impossible to live without communication, especially without communication with our family members and close friends. I think that everyone has noticed that after speaking with a friend his mood usually improves greatly. When we keep in touch with friends not only our emotional state is good but also our body’s potentials rise up.

8. Have a rest

When you work hard at home, in the office or any other place never forget that you should find a few minutes and make a pause. It becomes more significant when winter comes. Let your eyes rest from computer, walk around the office, drink some water or a cup of tea and you will feel how your energy is renewed. After a short break it will be easier to continue your work without any damage to your health.

9. Control the carbs in your food

Scientists say that carbs are not so good for our health. And it will be a good idea to limit the amount of carbs in the food you eat every day. These elements influence your energy negatively. When you consume food which has a high level of carbs, there is a big risk that you can feel tired, exhausted and not enough energy. Try the following foods that are rich in carbs – hamburgers, sandwiches and other heavy or junk dished. That’s why my preferences in food are different. I better choose some vegetable stew, salad or soup. It gives a great ability for my body to boost its energy.

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In winter you can find a lot of ways to save and boost your energy. My advice to you is to change your eating habits, stay active and remember about positive emotions. I usually try to keep these rules and they really help me not to lose my energy in the cold season. Share your ways how to struggle with sleepiness and fatigue in winter. I’d like to hear your tips!