7 Tweaks You Can Make to Develop a Charismatic Personality


Many people believe that charisma is a God’s gift that only few of us possess. In truth, you’re not born with charisma, it’s something you should learn and develop. No matter your personality, you’re capable of enhancing your existing charisma you have deep down. Developing charisma is a process that involves exploring your inner self, understanding others and being open to new opportunities. With some simple steps, you can become a charismatic person in a month. Find out what charisma you have and then work on areas you perform badly.

1. Expression

Let your personality shine. Master the art of expressing yourself in a way you would be happily accepted and heard by others. Master the art of smile, word and body language. Talk with all your body and your eyes, not only lips. Don’t try to make yourself seem awesome to others. It’s bragging and nothing more. People don’t need to know how fantastic you are. They need to see your true self. Avoid any bad types of expressive behavior. Don’t fake. Making eye contact and nodding are two great ways to show someone that you’re listening. But if you nod too much or constantly stare, people will run away from you.

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2. Wealth inside you

It’s all about who you are. You need invest in yourself. Get deep thoughts in your heart, educate your mind, and educate your feelings. These are things that work as a magnet for all people. If you don’t know yourself and literally hate yourself, by all means, fall in love with yourself again. Forgive yourself. Let go of the past and let others know that you respect yourself.

3. The outside of you

Think of your body as your visiting card. You look healthy, when you eat healthy. Most of us want to be around fit and healthy people. No offences, but fat people rarely look charismatic or appealing. Everything in you should be in harmony – your inner and outside beauty. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about skinny trends. People suffering from obesity rarely love themselves and look happy.

4. Hygiene

Hygiene is also important thing when it comes to developing charisma. I’m sure you know that there is only one opportunity to make your best first impression. So don’t ruin it! Form good hygiene habits and make sure you always look neat and clean. Take care of your body, hair, and nails to look beautifully charismatic each day.

5. Sexiness

Sexuality is also a significant part of charisma. Think about some charismatic people you know. Even if they’re not beautiful, they are sexy. Beauty is always optional, while sexuality is a must for charismatic people. We often hide our sexuality without realizing how it can help us in life.

6. Looks

Clothes count only for the first impression. Don’t allow yourself to be negligent in your dress. Always look your best and make your clothes suitable for the occasion. No bikini in a business meeting and no suits on the beach! You don’t have to wear expensive pieces of clothing – it’s affected pathos and luxury. All you need is some classic pieces of clothing and budget-friendly accessories.

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7. Sense of humor

Develop your sense of humor. Everyone likes fun. Your sense of humor can help to draw more people to you. Some timely jokes can help you to deal with any strain or problem in your relations. Positive people have a perfect sense of humor, which is why they are so charismatic. Instead of accusing, blaming and judging, stay positive and use your sense of humor in any difficult situation.

There are many ways to develop a charismatic personality, and these are only a few of them. You have the ability be more charismatic and likable. Don’t hide yourself and your skills. Be present, optimistic, confident, gradually become a master of your behavior, use your body language and watch as others start respecting and liking you more. Do you find it difficult to develop a charismatic personality? Do you think charisma is a gift that not everyone can possess? Let me know what you think in the comments section.