200 Pet Names for Your Boyfriend


You most likely wound up on this article since you are weary of using the same old pet names on your beau, isn’t that so? Are you thinking that it is about time to spice up the wordplay between you and your boyfriend? Then you have come to the perfect place. It’s alright if you didn’t find any you like above, that is why we are here for and that is the exact reason we have wrote 200 more pet names, that you can use every day for the man in your life! (it`s a joke;))

Pet names for your boyfriend

  1. Apple Butt – If your boyfriend has an incredibly nice bum then this name is for you to use.
  2. Alpha – If he acts as the alpha in your life.
  3. Alfalfa – Perfect for a guy who is as charming just like the Little Rascals character…
  4. Apple Pie – This is a sweet and sultry pet name to use.
  5. Agapai Mou – Simply meaning My Love in Greek.
  6. Ash – This name is perfect for any Pokemon lovers out there.
  7. Booger – Just a cute name for a cute guy.
  8. Butter Babe – If your boyfriend lad is smooth as butter.
  9. Bees Knees – Meaning somebody is wonderful or cool.
  10. Bambi – Like the sensitive prince of the forest from the Disney movie.
  11. Bam Bam – Referencing the cuties from The Flinstones, Pebbles and Bam Bam.
  12. Babykins – Another adorable spinoff of the word baby.
  13. Babyface – If your boyfriend has a babyface, this one is great!
  14. Beast – If your dude a beast in all the right ways.
  15. Big Poppa – You are the mama and he is the poppa.
  16. Bubs – A charming affectionate nickname for your babe.
  17. Bubba – Another way to transform Bubs into an alternate nickname.
  18. Buttercup – If your boyfriend is sweet similar to a reeses nut buttercup, this name is for him.
  19. Boothang – A charming, simple boo related term.
  20. Beau – It means boyfriend, so it’s the ideal pet name.
  21. Birdie – Birds are beautiful little creatures and graceful, too, there’s no doubt about that.
  22. Buddy – Because he is your best bud.
  23. Brainy – For somebody with smarts.
  24. Bean – If he is tall and slender, this name is for him.
  25. Bon Bon – Like the yummy dessert.
  26. Buff Babe – For a man who loves sport and hits the gym.
  27. Bright Eyes – Maybe your boyfriend has delightful eyes.
  28. Bumpkin – For a country dude.
  29. Beast – The only person who will know if he’s a beast in all the right ways is you, so it’s up to you whether you want to use this term or not.
  30. Candyman – He is sweet like candy.
  31. Candybar – Who doesn’t love a candy bar?
  32. Cupid – Like the mythological creator of love.
  33. Crabapple – On the off chance that your boyfriend gets crabby at times, but you find his grumpiness cute, this name is for him.
  34. Cinnamon Buns – For a guy with sweet buns.
  35. Carebear – For someone who is caring about you.
  36. Cool Cat – Obviously your beau is cooler than all the other cats, so dawn him with this chill name.
  37. Champ – The best name to let him know he’s number 1.
  38. Caregiver – Given to a guy who knows how to take care of his lady.
  39. Churro – A sweet, sugary dessert, just like him.
  40. Cheeky – If he likes to get cheeky, use this name.
  41. Cookie Monster – Like the endearing sesame street character.
  42. Coco Bean – For someone who is tasty, just like chocolate.
  43. Dandy – Dandy is a man devoted to style and neatness.
  44. Dashing Man – For someone with finesse.
  45. Dancer – Given to those who have amazing moves!
  46. Dime – He’s your dime in a sea of pennies.
  47. Dreamboat – For a man who is all that you’ve ever dreamed of.
  48. Dollface – Does your man have impeccable features? Then he is definitely a dollface.
  49. Dearest– Close to dear and dearheart, but meaning he’s your dearest of all.
  50. Definite One – He’s the one you want indefinitely.
  1. Egghead – If your boyfriend is a bit absent-minded sometimes.
  2. Fated One – If you know both of you are destined to be.
  3. Fruity Pebble – Delicious like the cereal.
  4. Fruitcake – What’s better than fruit and cake? Not much if you ask us.
  5. Dork – For a dude lives a little more on the nerdy side of things.
  6. Diamond – Because he is your diamond in the rough.
  7. Dimples – For a guy with dimples.
  8. Dreamer – Given to the boy who loves to dream.
  9. DragonFly – A cute name for a freeflying kind of guy.
  10. Flame – If he lights a fire under you.
  11. Flamethrower – Similar to flame, but much more impressive.
  12. Forest – If he runs like Forest Gump through your mind.
  13. Glorious – If you find him glorified in every way.
  14. Gummy Bear – For a man who is tough but sweet enough to eat up!
  15. Goofball – A name laid upon those who are goofy.
  16. Goku – For a tough dude who loves Dragon Ball Z.
  17. Goofy – Because he is a silly person.
  18. Guapo – Spanish for good-looking.
  19. Golden – He is the golden boy of your life.
  20. Giggles – He makes you giggle a lot.
  21. Gangsta Baby – If he has ‘hood’ qualities.
  22. Hot Stuff – Maybe he makes you go just by looking at him.
  23. Hot Pants – For a dude with a persona that’s on fire.
  24. Honey Bunny – For a darling with calm inclinations.
  25. Hermoso – Spanish for handsome.
  26. Hottie McNaughty – For a hottie who acts truly naughty.
  27. Hoshi – Japanese for star.
  28. Hubby – For the man you plan on marrying.
  29. Heisenberg – For a bad boy who loves Breaking Bad!
  30. Huggy Bear – If your beau loves to give you hugs.
  31. Hunk – For the hunky heap of guy, you adore.
  32. Hulk – Because he is strong like the superhero.
  33. Huggy Bear – Give this one to a boy full of great embraces.
  34. Honey Pot – Perfect for somebody who is so tasty you want to dip right in.
  35. Hot Fudge Sundae – Hot chocolate is sweet and warm and full of sugar.
  36. Jamster – Someone who loves to jam out!
  37. Just Mine – Meaning he doesn’t belong to anyone else but you.
  38. Jitterbug – An engaging pet name to use for fun.
  39. Jello Cup – A cute name for a charming guy.
  40. Joy – For the perfect partner who brings joy into your life.
  41. Jujube – Like the candy.
  42. Junebug – For the boy who adores summer.
  43. Jelly Bean – Jelly beans come in all flavors, maybe your boyfriend is versatile, too.
  44. K.O – Meaning he is a knockout.
  45. Kind Heart – A name for those with hearts of gold.
  46. Kindred Soul – Someone who shares the same beliefs as you, for example, your beau.
  47. Kissy Face – Let him know how much you really enjoy kissing his face.
  48. Kawaii – The Japanese word used for cute.
  49. Kitten – Like a baby cat.
  50. Lambchop – If your boy is cute as a little lamb, this is a good name for him.
  1. Lucky Charm – If he makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world, let him know.
  2. Love Muffin – Who doesn’t love muffins?
  3. Loverboy – If your man loves you the right way.
  4. Lady Killer – If a boy has charm and style then this is the perfect name.
  5. Little Monster – A silly but affectionate pet name.
  6. Ladies Man – If he can’t stop attracting female attention.
  7. Lovey-Dovey – If you find yourself falling in love with this dude every day, this is a great nickname.
  8. Link – This one is in relation to the Zelda game.
  9. Main Squeeze – For someone who your main man.
  10. Mack Daddy – Show him how much you love mackin’ on him with this pet name.
  11. McMuffin – Like we said, who in the heck doesn’t love a delicious muffin?
  12. McSteamy – A play off the hot doctor from Grey’s Anatomy.
  13. McDreamy – Another sexy doctor off of Grey’s Anatomy.
  14. Monkey – For somebody who is your little monkey.
  15. Moonbeam – Let your boyfriend know he reminds you of the beautiful night sky.
  16. Munchkin – For someone who is smaller, but adorable.
  17. My Man – This is obvious.
  18. Mine – Let him know he is your sweetheart.
  19. Muppet – If he reminds you of any of the muppets, which are dorky, but cute.
  20. Magic Prince – Showcase how magical you find him with this name.
  21. Muscleman – Give this name to him if he is very muscular.
  22. Mr. Wikipedia – If your boyfriend is incredibly smart.
  23. Movie Star – Maybe he has movie star great looks and appeal.
  24. Moose – If he is a bit bigger and buffer.
  25. Machoman – Meant for a tough dude.
  26. My Man – Showcase he is yours with this term.
  27. Nice Guy – For a guy with a kind heart.
  28. Nanner – Kind of like banana, but cuter.
  29. Nasty – If he is nasty (positively) then this is for him.
  30. Niceness – If your baby boy carries around a cloud of nicety, call him the niceness.
  31. OG – Stands for Original Gangster, but you could mean it as in original lover or original sweetheart.
  32. Only – As in your only one.
  33. Other Half – The other half of who you are, someone who makes you complete.
  34. Papi – A Spanish term for daddy, which could be used in Spanish or English as a pet name.
  35. Papito – Latin way of telling a man he is attractive.
  36. Pikachu – Cute Pokemon name to use.
  37. Puppet – If he is like your puppet.
  38. Pet – Commonly used as a term of endearment in the U.K.
  39. Paws – For somebody who is a little handsy.
  40. Puddin’ – For a sweet guy.
  41. Pudding Pop – Another play on pudding.
  42. Punk – It’s a playful name.
  43. Popsicle – Meaning he is delectable and chill.
  44. Playboy – Use on the off chance that you consider your man a player.
  45. Poopsie – It’s funny and lighthearted!
  46. Pagemaster – Perfect for a guy who loves to read books.
  47. Plum – Plums are some of the sweetest fruit!
  48. Panda Man – Pandas are cute, who are we kidding?
  49. Paddy – For someone who may have the luck of the Irish in them!
  50. Potter – For a guy who adores or acts like Harry Potter.
  1. Porro – The cute little creature from the popular video game League Of Legends.
  2. Peanut or Peanut Butter – He is the pb to your j!
  3. Precious – If you hold him dear to your heart and feel protective over him…
  4. Playmate – If your boyfriend is someone you are continually playing with and you love it.
  5. Professor – For the guy who is good at one or many subjects.
  6. Rad Lad – Used for a radical kind of guy.
  7. Rocker – For the dude who rocks your heart.
  8. Richie Rich – If your honey is wealthy.
  9. Roo – Like the cute little kangaroo from the Winnie the Pooh series.
  10. Raindrop – A nickname for someone who dropped like rain into your life.
  11. Sexy Pants – This one doesn’t need too much of an explanation.
  12. Silly– – Use on someone with a great sense of humor or who acts ridiculous.
  13. Sweet Pickle – Meaning he is deliciously sweet and savory like a sweet pickle.
  14. Smile Maker – If he brings smiles to your face every day.
  15. Slick – For the man who is smooth in not only their words but also their actions.
  16. Smoochie – It implies he is good at giving you smooches.
  17. Snookums – This one is just a nice name to call somebody you hold dear to you.
  18. Snugglekins – Let your boyfriend know how great of a cuddler he is.
  19. Snoogan – This one implies he’s got lips made for kisses. This is a British term for kissing or locking lips.
  20. Sour Patch– – If your boyfriend gets somewhat of a sharp disposition once in a while, but you love him in any case because that’s just who he is.
  21. Studley – Obviously implied for the smokin’ hot dude.
  22. Sweet-pea – Used on men with sweetie-pie attitudes.
  23. Sweet-pear – If neither of you is a fan of sweet-peas, at that point go with sweet pear.
  24. Smiley – If your beau is all smiles all the time then this name is for him.
  25. Sweetcheeks – Something to call somebody with candy character.
  26. Sexy Devil – A bad boy with sex appeal should be called this pet name.
  27. Savior – If your boyfriend is your hero, he could be called your savior.
  28. Sunbeam – If you feel like he is a ray of sunlight in your life.
  29. Studley – Another way to tell he is a handsome hunk.
  30. Sweets – If he reminds you of everything sweet and great then sweets are the name for him.
  31. Spunky – For the dude with a lot of ‘tude.
  32. Sparkles – Use on the man who truly lights up your life.
  33. Starshine – If you feel your boyfriend has star-like qualities, let him know with this tender name.
  34. Sugar Booger – A silly, but cute name.
  35. Sugar Britches – This one is also goofy, but really insanely adorable.
  36. Sheriff – He can be your sheriff.
  37. Snowflake – All snowflakes are unique, just like your guy.
  38. Schnitzel – A good, funny term of endearment referencing German cuisine.
  39. Shaggy – Good to use on the off chance that he has long hair.
  40. Scooby – Most people love Scooby-Doo if he does or you do then this name is perfect.
  41. Stitch – For a man as cute as stitch.
  42. Teddy Bear – If he is a great snuggler and you can’t avoid holding him close like a teddy bear.
  43. Tomcat – Use on a guy who likes adventure!
  44. Tarzan – Ideal name for someone who is the epitome of strength and bravery.
  45. The Postman – Meant for a dude who knows how to deliver, if you recognize what we mean.
  46. Uppity – For man soaked in high energy.
  47. Warrior – Someone who is very strong and always stands by you.
  48. Your Majesty – Use on the off chance that you believe he is your king and that you are his queen.
  49. Zazu – The cute little bird that is Mufasa’s right-hand man from Lion King.
  50. Zeus – A mythical, strong Greek God.