5 Ways My Family Makes My Life Happier


Happiness is something that all people strive for throughout their life. However, this word has absolutely different meaning for each of us.

I’m convinced that every person has something that makes them happy, regardless of age and interests. For years I’ve tried to find out things that really matter to me and that make my life meaningful. Now I can easily say that family is one of the most significant values to me.

My life is very busy and I have to fulfill a lot of tasks and cope with numerous troubles every day. In spite of this I never get upset because I know that my family will support and understand me.


My home is the only place in my life where I can be myself whatever happens. This is my harbor which makes me feel confident and safe. Whether you are a child or an adult, you are always attached to your family since they are an indispensable part of your life and they always bring you joy and happiness.

That’s why we should realize how much our families are important to us, appreciate our loved ones and do our best to take care of them. Here are a few undeniable reasons why I feel happy with my family.

1. It Gives Me Sense of Love and Care

I think that love and care are the most crucial things that make us happy and satisfied. Who else can give you more love and care than your family? Every family member should care for one another, only this way you will develop trust and strong family ties.

Unfortunately, very often we take our family for granted and forget to care about them. Actually, it doesn’t take much time and effort to express your love and gratitude to your parents, children or husband/wife. Just a few minutes of your attention will make them happy and they will feel how much they matter to you.

When I was a child, my parents’ love helped me to overcome various difficulties and it gave me emotional support. Now I have my own child and I try hard to fill her up with my love and care. I’m sure that this way she will grow up a successful and loving personality.

Although I live far away from my parents and we can’t see each other very often, we try to keep in touch by phone,texting, sending gifts and cards. It reduces the distance between us and shows our mutual concern and emotional involvement. When my husband gives flowers to me and kisses me tenderly, I am the happiest person in the world!

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2. It Provides Me with Support

My family is my strength in hard times. Whenever I face stressful situations and have to surmount numerous barriers only my family think and worry about me.

It’s a great pleasure and happiness to feel their support, even if they are not near me. At different stages of my life my family members helped me to cope with stress and anxiety.

For example, there were some periods in my childhood when I suffered from misunderstanding of my peers, which resulted in quarrels with friends and classmates. At those moments I was completely frustrated and only my mother could cheer me up and help to solve the problem. I am an adult person now, but still my mother’s support gives me strength and patience to reach my goals and desires.

3. It Is the Source of My Motivation and Inspiration

Inspiration is something we need to succeed in our life and to be happy. A person can’t show good results in different activities without being inspired and motivated. I believe that inspiration is all around us and it comes from a variety of sources.

For me, family is one of the biggest sources of inspiration. Warm and cheerful atmosphere in my family constantly gives me motivation to excel and progress in my job.

At every possible opportunity I try to get together with my family that inspires me to live, enjoy and laugh. The little things such as chatting over a cup of tea or having the family card game give me an endless source of inspiration.

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4. I Feel Absolutely Safe with My Family

Generally, all people feel safe within their own inner world. Since human beings are social creatures, they have to interact with others and share their thoughts, ideas and experience. Sometimes this interpersonal connection may be unpleasant for us and may even hurt our feelings and lower our self-esteem.

Nonetheless, there is a place where I can feel safe and comfortable. That is my home. Here I can be myself and I don’t need to play roles and explain anything to my family because they know who I am and take me with all my good and bad sides as well. Thus, my family boosts my self-confidence that is necessary for numerous life achievements.

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5. We Enjoy the Best Moments of Our Life Together

Undoubtedly, time spent with your family is one of the major things which determine your relations with them and your happiness either. Therefore, we need to devote time to our loved ones in order to be happy and bring positive emotions to them. Despite my busy schedule I always carve out time for my little daughter and my husband.

Surely, we can’t enjoy walking to the park or sitting in the café every day, but I’ve made it a rule to spend an hour with my family once a week. At these moments, I forget about my work, office calls and I am present with my family whole-heartedly.

There is a great number of other activities that I practice with my family and that bring us closer, making us love, respect and value each other more. For instance, we have a wonderful tradition of celebrating our birthdays, family anniversaries and other events that are important to us.

Every year we try to visit new interesting places in our country and abroad. I should say it’s an amazing experience that fills us with excitement and memorable impressions.

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Family is the greatest blessing that we can get in our life. My family is the first priority to me and I really appreciate it as I know that my parents, my husband and my daughter are the most precious people for me and no one else can make me happy and satisfied as they do.

Is your family important to you? What makes you feel happy with your family? How do you express your love and care to them?