7 Ways to Create Unique Nicknames for Your Friends


You can create nicknames for your friends in many ways, if you want to show how much you love them. They can be either silly or more serious.

I think that everyone is always pleased to be called in a special manner. It means that a person has achieved a definite level of intimacy in a friendship. And if it’s a problem for you to be creative, try out these options to create nicknames.

1. Suffixes

You can easily take the first syllable of your friend’s name and add a suffix to it. It can be something like ‘-inator’ or ‘-boo.’

For example, you can call your friend Shannon as Shaninator or Shanboo. You can decide (if your friend agrees). Find out which one is the best, and stick to the new nickname.

2. Slight changes

I think the simplest way to make nicknames is when you create a variation of your buddy’s name. You can call your friends by their initials, or create a new word out of their initials.

Use their last and first name, and make one word from it. Just call your mates by the first syllable of their name, which may not be unusual, but is efficient. There are thousands of choices.

3. TV characters

When your friend acts exactly like a character from your favorite show, call him by that name. Additionally, you can all the same call your buddy like you wish, even if there is nothing similar with the character.

Nicknames should be always fun. It’s not necessarily they mean anything. When sillier, the better.

4. Silly rhymes

Using rhymes are a good way to make nicknames. You can always rhyme your buddy’s name with something that goes well with it.

Your friend Holly can be called Holly Jolly. It doesn’t need to be a real word! And Benny Wenny is a nice nickname for Ben. It can seem like you are communicating with a child, but it’s so great.

5. Pet names

When it’s difficult for you to be creative, you can use popular nicknames. If you are extremely close with your friend, call her ‘wifey.’ But when you wish to be more traditional, then call her ‘darling.’

If she is your best friend, you can avoid using any pet name that you would use being in a really romantic relationship. You shouldn’t pay attention when people look strangely at you. Demonstrate your care for them in all possible ways, which make you happy.

6. Repeat

This one is an easy way. You can just repeat a syllable of your mate’s name to make their nickname. Moll-Moll will sound perfect for your girlfriend called Molly.

But when the name is short, you can just repeat the whole name. You choose everything you want to create the best nickname.

7. Noticeable qualities

You can think about something special that only your friend has. What is your friend most famous for: her fashionable clothes or tired eyes? Why not steal from Snow White and sometimes call her Sleepy, if she always wants to sleep?

But when she is ready for going shopping anytime, call her Tyra. But be cautious not to create a nickname that is offensive, since you do not want to lose your mate over something so trivial!

You can try and make new nicknames for all (or just one) your pals! If using these techniques, you are sure to create nicknames that your friends will love.

Do you have any nicknames your friends call you? Which one do you like the most?