10 Tricks to Motivate Your Child to Learn Better


6. Reasonable organization

A good organization of working place and time can motivate a lot as well. Look at the study desk of your child. Is it comfortable? Is your child provided with enough lighting? If the working place is cluttered up with toys, food, papers and other mess, your kid will never do his homework up to par. It’s important that you remove all the distractions and temptations.

Another important factor that motivates your kid is proper time management. Every day your child should have enough time for doing his homework, reading, outdoor activities and other entertainment. If your child cannot cope with all the tasks at one go, consider dividing the homework into several parts with little breaks. When it comes to long-term projects make use of a big wall calendar. Just help you kid to mark what should be done each day. Routine will make your child organized and disciplined.