7 Tips for Studying Effectively Without Distraction and Stress


Sometimes you need to learn something quickly and you can’t do it effectively because something distracts you all the time. Unfortunately, most students open their books a week before the exam and this is a huge mistake.

Let me share some tips with you that I have learned during my classes. They may be of great use to students and those who never stop learning something new.

1. Use cue cards

Perhaps you know that the best way to remember something is to write it down. It works great for me and I think for some of you it will work too. Write down whatever information you need on cue cards and use them to memorize it.

However, you may choose any kind of notes you can think of if writing doesn’t help. You can type information, print it, make notes everywhere you like. If it works for you than it is good one and you need to use it for your benefit.

2. Keep information before your eyes

If you are a visual learner, the best advice I can give you is to put you notes in front of you. Put them on the desk before your eyes or even pin them to the wall.

If you see the information you need in front of you all the time, you are doomed to memorize it. This tip may help even those who are not visual learners. Just try it and you will see how much information can slip into your head without hard memorizing and sleepless nights.

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3. Choose your level of noise

Many people, many minds. It is quite normal for one person to study with the TV on, while others prefers complete silence, and someone may even prefer hard-rock!

Music can also help in studying. Research shows that best music for the studying is a classical one. It affects your brain in the way that helps you to understand and memorize more information.

But my advice to you is to choose soundtrack for your studying by yourself. Find out what helps you, relaxing melodies or silence, and use it.

4. Switch the Internet off

Just recall all those times you promised yourself to study but got sucked into the oblivion of social networks. The Internet may be of great help in studying, but it is incomparable to the damage it does to you by taking your time.

Perhaps it is more useful to block the Internet out for some time. Or, you can use a school computer.

5. Use school computers

Trying to study using your own computer is not very effective, as you have a lot of distracting information there. You can lose you precious time just by reading news on-line, to say nothing about computer games and chatting with friends.

Try to change your familiar environment and you’ll see that you can focus much better. Especially, when you under stress of close exams.

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6. Choose the front seat

If you choose one of the front seats in class you will be able to take active part in whatever is going in the classroom. It will help you find out what information exactly you will need for exams.

On the rear seats, on contrary, you will be distracted by every trifle that will catch your eye. Try this tip, and you’ll see, you absorb more information than while reading textbook.

7. Prize yourself

Prizing yourself is commonly known way of making you do what is difficult for you. It is widely used in all spheres of life whether it is sport, losing weight or visiting dentist.

You can promise yourself to study for an hour and then reward yourself with doing something you like, an hour of music, favorite TV show or walk with your dog. If you return to your studying after a good break you will not feel exhausted and will be able to do more. It is a perfect way to study without getting stressed.

Once you choose your ways of effective studying, they will help you to learn more in less time. Thus, you will not need to sit with your textbooks till late night and spend time on your favorite pastime without problems in school or university.

Do you know any other tips that I didn’t mentioned? Share them please.