Study or Work? Combine Them Both


Combining study and work can be very hard and exhausting. However, you can do it without ruining your health.

Nowadays many people work full-time while studying in their spare time, or study full-time while working in their spare time. Some of them even have families. If you are looking for some useful tips for combining study and work without exhausting yourself, keep reading…

1. Let your professors know about your situation

If you have trouble combining your study and work, you should have a chat with your professors and make them aware of your situation. Tell them you’re trying to combine study with work but have some difficulties. Once they know, they might make things easier for you by offering you some flexibility regarding deadlines.

2. Organize your schedule

Organizing your schedule is one of the most important tips to follow when you combine study and work. Organize your studying according to your spare time as well as submission dates for your assignments.

Make sure you avoid distractions like surfing the Internet, invitations out or watching TV. To get your assignments done, you should focus on the most critical tasks you have to accomplish as soon as possible.

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3. Ask your family to help you

Study, work and numerous household chores are a lot to be coping with. It’s just impossible to cram too many things into your day. That’s why getting your family to help you out is always a good idea.

If they cope with many of the chores such as washing, cooking and cleaning, you will have more time to accomplish some important tasks. If you are single, feel free to ask your friends to help you.

4. Get ahead in your studies

Whenever you can, try to get ahead in your studies. Then, when you’ll have a busy period at work and you will have to stay late, you won’t have to rush to accomplish an assignment.

This is one of the best ways to combine study and work without exhausting yourself. No more stress!

5. Study at work

If you have some free minutes at work, make sure you take advantage of it. Instead of wasting your time gossiping about your boss and his new girlfriend, focus on your study process.

Write some notes or do some reading. You can also make use of your lunch hour and do some important tasks or read something. If you commute by train, it’s also a great opportunity to study.

6. Make some sacrifices for your studies

When you study and work, there is not enough time to fit in your studying, job and your favorite hobbies. So it’s okay to make some sacrifices for your studies.

Sure, you need to have some leisure time, but choose the activity that really matters to you. Taking a stroll is a great idea, but partying hard all night long is something you should avoid at all costs.

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7. Don’t take on too much

If you are studying while you work, don’t take on too much, because you won’t do anything efficiently. Focus your attention on the most important commitments. Less important things can wait a little.

If you are one of those who find it difficult to refuse requests, you should learn how to say no. Remember each employee has their own tasks and responsibilities.

Combining study and job is difficult but rewarding. You will feel awesome and proud of yourself when you pass your course. Sure, you may not have enough time to party, watch TV or sleep, but it will be worth it in the end.

Do you have any tips for combining study and work? Please share them in the comments. Who knows, maybe you will help someone and not even know it!