9 Tips on How to Meet a Wealthy Man


Love is all you need they say, but money doesn’t hurt. The trick is to find a wealthy man you can love. Unfortunately, successful men don’t just grow on trees. The key is to know how to find them.

There is nothing wrong with seeking a man who is financially stable, so how to do it? Here are some tips on how to meet a wealthy man. Follow these tips to find your knight in fine tailored armor.

1. Know where to go

The standard date meeting places are too broad, you need to narrow down the odds. Think of where successful men go.

Upscale destinations such as restaurants, bars, hotel lounges, country clubs and resorts are perfect hunting grounds for Mr. Right and wealthy. Most people who frequent country clubs especially those who are members are successful and wealthy.

If worried about the cost of spending a day at a country club, call and ask to view the grounds as you are thinking of becoming a member. This will give an opportunity to see what sort of men visit this club.

2. Community Involvement

All kinds of charities need help, and it is a great way to meet wealthy and eligible men. Charities appeal to people with money to make donations and attend benefits and functions.

Working with a charity will allow you to be informed on all the best events to attend. It also looks good for a man to see you are giving back to the community. What a kind heart you have!

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3. Travel

Get out and about. Even if you stay in a budget hotel, try the spas in the pricey hotels or have a drink in the hotel lounge. The wealthy men who stay in these hotels will use these facilities to relax and enjoy themselves.

You can use these same facilities to meet those men. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation, you are both traveling so you already have something in common.

4. Events

Book signings, lectures, movie premiers and theater opening nights are all great events to meet rich men. Dress sophisticated and comparable to what the men you are after are wearing.

You want them to view you as an equal even if your pocket book isn’t. The men who attend these events are most likely cultured and informed on the topic of the event. Do a little research so you have some knowledge of what these men are interested in.

5. Boutiques and Specialty Shops

Wealthy men will be buying quality goods. Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy, you can still browse. High end grocery stores and liquor stores are great places to meet a man with money.

There is great opportunity to strike up conversations by asking his opinion on the goods. Try suggesting you are buying a gift for your father. He will think you are family oriented and thoughtful.

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6. Personal Events

No invitation is required, which is great because you don’t have one! Personal events like weddings or occupational luncheons where wealthy men will be in attendance are perfect places.

Check high end hotel event boards to see what is coming up. Show up after the whole party has started, that way you avoid anyone who is checking invitations or taking tickets. This will allow you slip in unnoticed and enjoy the event and the men.

7. Hobby

Find yourself a rich man’s hobby. Cars, boats, antiques, art and get informed. Do some research and be prepared. Now you can attend car and boat shows, art exhibitions etc. These places will be teeming with rich men who are just itching to spend money.

Show your expertise and make keen observations of the items on show. Men will be impressed with your knowledge and genuine interest in something they clearly love.

8. Occupational Perk

Some jobs will have you rubbing elbows with the wealthy. Positions like air hostess, hotel concierge, real estate broker and sports trainers will all have you meeting wealthy men everyday.

The best part is, it’s your job to impress these people, so you will never appear to have ulterior motives. These positions also put you in a place of trust with the men you encounter. They are coming to you for a service, go above and beyond and you are sure to get noticed.

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9. Online Option

Try online dating. It’s the way of the world these days and some sites even specialize in matching up rich, successful men. If you don’t want to look like that much of a gold digger then try a normal site.

Look for older or professional men and put some effort into your profile. Embellish, but don’t lie. Any lies will be found out and make men suspicious of your motives.

Use a current picture that shows what you really look beautiful. Don’t have pictures of you hard core partying with friends or appearing drunk.

Use photos that show you out doing interesting things like traveling or attending events. Do not post pictures that show you with another man.

Use these tips to meet the man of your dreams and a man with means. There are many ways to meet wealthy men and now you know just what to do.

Be hands on and get involved with charities or try a new line of work. Frequent places and events where wealthy men graze and get noticed.

The only thing left to do is get dressed up and get out. Be confident and friendly and you’ll be romantically and financially set in no time.