7 Times When You Have to Speak Up Instead of Keeping Quiet


There are a few times in your life, when you have to speak up. I’m one of those people who are pretty quiet and there are so many times I wish I could speak up when I actually had a chance. We might not always know whether to keep our mouths shut or speak up, but these times when you have to speak up instead of keeping quiet are great key places to start!

1. When you know you’re right

Well, this time can be tricky, because all of us tend to think that we’re always right. But when you know that something bad might happen and you can prevent it, or when you’re about to watch your friend make a big mistake, don’t just sit back and keep quiet!

Speak up! Sure, you might not change anyone’s mind, but you will know that you express your opinion.

2. When you want to apologize

It’s always hard to apologize, but it’s really important! No one likes to eat crow, yet all of us have to at some point.

If the relationship in your life really matter to you, make an effort to make an apology when you need to. It will help you to become a better person!

3. When you’re watching someone you love walk away

There are so many friendships, break-ups, or divorces that might have been saved if someone have spoken up. It’s easier to refuse to look back and get hurt for the sake of pride.

But if the person means a lot to you, don’t let them walk away! Speak up instead of keeping quiet and do your best to make amends.

4. When someone’s trying to pressure you

If someone’s trying to push something onto you, no matter whether it’s something they want you to do or something they’re trying to sell you, you have to speak up! Remember you have a choice! So don’t allow anyone to pressure you!

5. When someone’s hurting people you love

It really hard to watch when someone is hurting people you love. You don’t have to be hateful or rude, but it’s important to speak up! After all do you want to watch the person you love suffer because of the actions or words of others?

6. When someone’s taking advantage of you

Another time when you have to speak up instead of keeping quiet is when someone’s taking advantage of you. Sometimes when you offer to help out or lend a hand, people could use you for everything you are worth.

Other ways someone can take advantage of you may be much more serious. People can use you when you feel down or even worse leech into your bank account.

7. When someone insults your beliefs

It’s important to remember that there will always be someone who disagrees with you, criticizes you unjustly or disrespects you. It’s okay. You know variety makes our world go round!

But when someone insults your beliefs, don’t keep your mouth shut, speak up and defend yourself! Really, girls, take a stand for what you believe in!

If you know that there’s a time you should speak up and you don’t, you might spend the rest of your life filled with regret, wishing you’d done or said something. So don’t keep quiet and speak up!

Have you had moments when you wished you’d spoken up? Please share your stories and thanks for reading!