4 Tips on Establishing Stronger Bonds With Female Friends


Life in the 21st century isn’t easy. What’s more, the world can be an inhospitable place. Hence it can be difficult to survive, and even harder to succeed. In contemporary society, people are forced to compete against each other if they are to have any chance of prospering.

Hence you might want to have an excellent career, marry the best man, buy the nicest home and have the most beautiful children. Sometimes women get so caught up in the completion that they don’t treat other females very well.

Women can also lose touch with the friends they made at high school or college because other things got in the way. Hence there are many women who don’t have a lot of female friends.

1. Why You Need Female Friends

Why do women need the support of other females? First of all, everyone goes through difficult periods in their life. For example, you may be having marital difficulties.

If you have a strong network of female peers, you will always have someone to talk to when things get rough. It’s also good to have female friends who share your interests.

For instance, your husband might not like dancing, but one of your friends probably will. Spending time with female friends also provides you with the chance to relax and be yourself.

You don’t have to be a mother or wife when you’re with your girlfriends. Nor do you have to play the role your career demands of you.

2. Things to Avoid

There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. Competing to be the best and get the most rewarding opportunities is quite natural. The problem occurs when women compete against each other using dirty, dishonest and unfair tactics to get ahead.

Examples include telling lies about other women, stabbing girlfriends in the back, pretending to like another female when you don’t, spreading malicious gossip, hitting on someone else’s romantic partner, and deliberately sabotaging another woman’s work. If you want a support network of sincere female friends, you should always behave honorably around them.

3. Rekindle Old Friendships

So what do you do if you find that you have lost touch with all of your old girlfriends? If someone was once a true friend, then they will welcome you back into their life. Hence you should try to rekindle old friendships.

If you don’t know where your old friends are, try asking mutual acquaintances for their phone numbers. You can also use the internet to find friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Popular social networking websites are great for finding people you’ve lost touch with over the years.

4. Make New Friends

If you don’t have enough female friends, you can always make new ones. If you have a special interest such as tennis or singing, join groups or classes for people interested in your hobby. You can also meet likeminded women with similar values and interests online.

Always have an open mind when you meet other women, and don’t judge by first impressions. If you keep your mind and heart open, other females will want to be around you. Always remember that a woman can never have too many friends.