8 Tips for Dealing with His Female Friend


Learning several tips on how to deal with his female friend can help you reduce feelings of insecurity and jealousy. You can’t forbid your partner from having female friends because he might think you’re controlling his friendships. And this may cause lots of problems.

Here are eight tips I follow when dealing with my partner’s female friends. My sweetheart has a few female friends, and even though I know that they are just friends, I try to keep everything under control.

1. Give her a chance

When you meet your boyfriend’s female friend, make sure you act like yourself. Don’t act like a jealous girlfriend and don’t be rude or cold to her as it could build negativity and tension, and make everybody feel uncomfortable. Maybe she is a good person and she might become your best friend, so give her a chance.

2. Become her ally

One of the reasons why you’re so jealous over your partner’s female friend is that you are afraid that he will leave you for her. In this situation, one of the smartest things you can do is to become her ally. Get to know her better in order to calm your fears.

Invite her to go shopping together or have dinner with you. Chances are that she will tell you more interesting things about her private life and she might even tell you about her crush

3. Hang out with her

If you don’t want to meet one-on-one with her, you can invite this girl to hang out with you, your boyfriend and other friends. In case she has a boyfriend, you can also invite him.

You will see what she acts like when she’s around your boyfriend. Be sure to pay more attention to her body language, it will certainly give it away.

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4. The flirty friend

Well, if your boyfriend’s female friend is a flirtatious one, it will be rather difficult to deal with her. She is incessantly texting, calling or e-mailing him. She could call late at night without thinking that it’s late or she could purposely call late at night because she knows you and your man are in bed together.

In this case, your man should set the friendship boundaries. Don’t try to do it alone as she could increase her highly annoying man stealing behavior.

5. Calls and texts

Perhaps you become suspicious whenever you see a call or text message from his female friend who you don’t know yet. Before making the worst assumptions, try to ask your partner to tell something about this girl.

He should tell you some facts like how they met, the length of time they’ve been good friends, and something about her boyfriend/husband. Moreover, your man should be willing to show you text messages from her.

6. Don’t worry over her

If your partner treats this girl like one of the guys, there is no need to worry over her. Even though she may be incredibly beautiful and have a wonderful personality, keep in mind that your man is committed to you.

If you don’t see signs of suspicious behavior, make sure you trust him. When you don’t trust your partner it makes him miserable and often strain the relationship. You don’t want that, do you?

7. Discuss it with your partner

If you feel uncomfortable when your man spends time with his female friend, ask yourself why. Maybe it’s because you’re very jealous or maybe you are insecure about your relationship.

Or, maybe you have concrete proof that they have a romantic relationship. If you suspect your man or his female friend, discuss it with him.

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8. Ignore

Finally, when it comes to dealing with your partner’s female friend, ignoring may also help. If she is rude to you or she disrespects you, don’t be mean and don’t show her that her words hurt you. Remember, you are not she, you are better, and your sweetheart loves you, not her.

Sometimes it’s hard to deal with your partner’s female friends, but try not to give him ultimatums unless you’re going to break up with him. Perhaps you have a few male friends and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Do you have any tips for dealing with his female friends? Share them with us, please.