11 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You


A cheating boyfriend is something all girls worry about. You have noticed something is different with your guy, but you are not sure what it is? You might want to find out what the truth is, but you don’t know how? Check out a few signs that your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

1. He changes his style

If your boyfriend changes the way he looks, this is one of the signs he may be cheating on you. You know the way he dresses, simple jeans and T-shirts. But if he changes his style and he changes his hairstyle, and starts wearing some funky tees, shirts, there’s a chance that he is cheating on you.

2. He cancels your plans

If you plan to meet him at 7 and he calls you up suddenly at 6 and cancels the date, without giving any specific reason for it, this may be a red flag to you, especially if this happens too often. He might date another girl.

3. He acts distant to you

If your guy is acting distant, he may be too busy with another girl. He always used to meet you often, call you and talk for long hours. Now your boyfriend doesn’t seem to listen to you, and acts dreamy, then he might be thinking about someone else.

4. You don’t know where he is

You are calling your boyfriend, but you get no response. You leave lots of messages for him, but all in vain.

That’s definitely an important sign to tell you that he is cheating on you. If his family and friends also don’t know where he is, girls, it’s high time to wake up.

5. He is not interested in you anymore

If your boyfriend is not interested in your appearance, your activities, your talks, and anything related to you, and he often compares you to the other girls, this is another obvious sign he is cheating on you! And this is a reason to have a serious talk with him!

6. He doesn’t want to meet you

Your boyfriend might be canceling most plans because of different reasons. He might tell you that he should work or that his mother has fallen ill, or even that his friend or coworker has been involved in an accident. Sure, these reasons seem normal, but if your boyfriend finds excuses not to meet you, the warning bells are ringing right for you.

7. He is very cautious in public

Does your boyfriend look around more than he looks at you? He refuses to go to very crowded places with you and even if you go, he is extremely nervous and he often looks behind, these are signs that your guy is just checking out whether his other girlfriend is around.

8. He spends less time with you

If your boyfriend spends less time with you, chances are he’s spending his time with someone else. If you were meeting your boyfriend every day and now you see each other once to twice a week, it’s time to know where your guy spends rest of the time. Maybe he is cheating on you.

9. He doesn’t worry about you

If you are sick and your boyfriend doesn’t bother to see you or call you even once, you need to think about your relationship. Another sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you is that he doesn’t worry about you and your problems anymore. This means that he is absolutely not interested in you.

10. He always goes to another room when he gets a phone call

He might tell you it’s a business call, but you know better, how often such business calls can turn into the other woman’s calls. First of all, ask yourself whether your guy got business calls earlier or not.

My ex always went to another room every time when he got such business related calls. As it turned out, he was dating another girl.

11. He gets unusually caring

This is actually a reverse psychology. If your boyfriend is cheating on you, he may feel very guilty about it and become excessively caring to compensate the fact that he’s cheating on you. If your guy never cared for you in that way, find out the reason of this sudden change in your boyfriend’s behavior.

These are some of the signs your boyfriend is cheating on you. Even if you are sure that he’s cheating on you, don’t jump to conclusions and have a serious talk with him.

Have you ever dated a cheater? Can you give us a few tips? Share your thoughts, please!