4 Handy Tips for Better Crossdressing


Even if you are an avid crossdresser, you may be wondering what you could do to freshen your wardrobe or makeup routine. Whether you are looking to update your look or just need a boost of confidence, here are four tips for better crossdressing:

1. Browse through fashion magazines for the latest trends

If you are looking to freshen your look, you may want to consider broadening your wardrobe. By checking out fashion magazines like In Style or Vogue, you will learn the latest makeup and fashion tips and trends. Since fashion magazines are easily available in just about every store, picking one up to get started on freshening your look is simple.

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2. Try on clothes or makeup in-store

When you are confident enough with yourself, visiting physical stores to purchase new makeup or clothes is beneficial. Although you may get some stares, many stores are happy to help you, and especially with the current economy. The advantages for shopping in-store include being able to:

  1. See exactly how the new clothes fit
  2. Avoid the shipping and handling fees from online stores
  3. Have your clothes and makeup immediately available for use
  4. Have assistance for discovering what makeup and clothes work best for you

3. Check the expiry date of your makeup and update as needed

Many people, including crossdressers, keep makeup around just in case they ever need it. However, because beauty products do have expiry dates, it is recommended to know when to replace old products. To help make it easier for you when going through your makeup case, here are the basics:

  1. Concealers should be replaced after 12 months
  2. Gels cleansers and creams should be replaced after 12 months
  3. Eyeshadows and pencil eyeliners should be replaced after 3 years
  4. Oil-based foundations should be replaced after 18 months
  5. Water-based foundations should be replaced after 12 months
  6. Powders should be replaced after 2 years
  7. Lipsticks should be replaced between 1 to 4 years or whenever they become rancid
  8. Lipliners should be replaced after 3 years
  9. Nail polishes should be replaced after 12 months
  10. Mascara should be replaced after 4 months

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4. Attend conferences and events for crossdressing

There are plenty of events and conferences held for crossdressers and transgendered individuals. By going to events such as the Be All Conference in Chicago, IL, or the Diva Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, you will be able to improve your confidence (if needed) to help make for better crossdressing. You will also be able to meet plenty of new people that will be happy to offer you tips and hints.

With these 4 tips for better crossdressing, you should be able to gain more confidence and update your look as needed. Just remember that the best way to improve your crossdressing is to be confident in everything you do and just be yourself.