7 Things You Can Do to Make a Break Up Easier


Looking for ways to make a break up easier? Breaking up is emotional and tense, and usually rather rubbish. Check out a few ways to make a break up easier on both of you, and increase your chances of a happy, clean split.

1. Withdraw first

Keep some distance between you and your boyfriend for several days before the break up, and you will gain some emotional distance and allow your partner to prepare themselves emotionally. Don’t be mean, just pretend to be very busy. This is one of the best things you can do to make a break up easier.

2. Break up in person

Although it can be difficult to tell him it’s over in person, don’t break up with your partner via a phone call, text or email. It’s always better to do it face to face, unless violence has been an issue. Go ready with your speech, avoid any intimate physical contact and be sure you’ve got somewhere to go afterwards.

3. Prepare your speech

Maybe it sounds strange, but you should know what you’re going to say, and how you’ll say it. You can’t prepare your speech, but then your words might come out a mess, and you will hurt him even more. He will be shocked and hurt, and will jump on anything to blame. That’s why your speech is so important. Your speech should be short, confident, understanding, and sympathetic.

4. Don’t give your partner a false hope

If it’s over, it’s over. Don’t pay any attention to any doubts. I know changes are scary, but avoid vaguely saying you need time or space, or asking to stay friends, otherwise you will give him a false hope and make things awkward. Now you can’t be friends. Maybe you’ll become best friends in the future, but not now.

5. Move on

If you live together, you need to move out, because staying in the same dwelling with him after a break up will be really hard. Emotions are everywhere, and there are memories in all rooms. Don’t even try to stay in the same house, because your hurt can turn to anger. Plus, you don’t want to meet your ex’s new bed-partners in your kitchen each morning, right? So break up, and move on.

6. Stay away

It’s also important to stay away from your ex. Don’t visit, text, or call him. Don’t tell your ex you miss him, and don’t ask how he is getting on. You might be very curious, and you might miss him so much, but it’s best to stop all communications. Trust me it will make a break up much easier.

7. Stay calm

Relationship endings always hurt. But try to stay calm, and don’t tell your partner you never loved him, you hate him, or wish you hadn’t met him. Be honest with yourself and your own recovery will be easier. Fight the urge to vent your anger, and you will make a break up easier.

Do you have any other tips for making a break up easier? Share your thoughts, please!