7 Things You Should Never Say to His Parents


It often happens that you have to do different things for the first time in your life. If you’re in relationship, you’ll have an opportunity to meet his parents for the first time. This opportunity can easily scare you to death. If you’re a sensitive person by nature, then you’ll be beside yourself with worry. Stop it and clear your mind of fears and negative thoughts. Reassure yourself that his parents are wonderful people and you’re going to have a good time communicating with them. I understand that you won’t have a second chance to make a first impression, but your nervousness and inner tension can only damage your reputation and create a negative atmosphere during your talk.

What should you do if they don’t like you? It’s the most challenging and annoying question that can send you into a panic, but you should try to be confident and friendly in any case. Try to think positively, because everything will be okay. All you need to do is to be careful with things you say to the members of his family, because spoken words are like flown birds – neither can be recalled. I want to give you a piece of advice on how to behave and lead the conversation with the parents of your significant other. I hope these tips will help you avoid stupid situations.

1. Marriage

Acquaintance with parents is a significant step in your relationship, but you should realize that it doesn’t mean that you’re going to marry the next day. It means that your loved one is ready to introduce you to his family circle. So, try not to hint at marriage or engagement ring, because his family can consider this pressure as a bad manner. Moreover, men don’t like to be pressured, especially when it comes to serious life affairs such as marriage. Plus, his parents may start thinking that you’re insincere about their son and want to get married as soon as possible.

2. Decorating style

Your partner’s parents can be not as stylish as you and they may prefer to decorate their house in retro style. If you enter their house, you should be careful about words you say. Furthermore, if you love and value your significant other, then you should treat his family with respect. If you don’t like the decorating style of their house, you should keep your mouth shut in order not to hurt their feelings. Pay more attention to mutual relations and moral values inside his family.

3. Future grandchildren

All ladies have a dream to raise children, but the first meeting with the parents of your loved one isn’t the best moment to focus on your desire to have kids, because it may sound like you want to hint them that you’re already pregnant. The first talk should be free and easy. Avoid things which may cause tension in your conversation and try to dispose his parents by using jokes and being on a positive wave. It will help you get to know them better and understand their family values.

4. Sex talks

Nowadays many young people tend to speak about sex freely, but it’s not a good idea to do it when you’re meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. To my mind, talks about sex aren’t allowed during this meeting, because you don’t know them enough to discuss your intimate life. They’d like to hear about your social life, interests and of course, understand the nature of your personality. It’s better to be a little bit modest when you meet his parents.

5. Talks about religion

Every person should know that religious views can either draw people together or create barriers between them. If you’re absolutely sure that you have the same religious views, you can mention it when talking to his family. If not, then it’s very risky to rely only on your fortune. Different religious views aren’t the reason to force their point of view, because they will resent your behavior. Quarrels and misunderstandings aren’t the best way to start a good and healthy relationship with the parents of your partner. Focus on your advantages and positive traits of their character, and try to avoid talks about religion.

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6. Political views

Political views have much in common with religious views. If you feel that the talk about your political views will play into your hands, then start this long and boring conversation. Many wise people prefer to avoid talks about politics, because they are not concerned with it. Life is too short to spend time talking about pointless and boring things. You’d better tell them how do you usually spend your free time and what are your plans for future.

7. Keep your opinions to yourself

The final thing you should always keep in mind is that your negative opinions shouldn’t be heard in your boyfriend’s house, because you’re a guest and you have no right to be rude and behave in a wrong way. Laugh as much as possible, instead of criticizing and saying that something is wrong in their house or family. Try to notice pleasant and interesting things in their house and compliment them. Good-natured and well-bred people are always respected and loved by others. That’s why you should try to show the best qualities of your personality.

The first meeting with your partner’s family is an extremely important thing, but you shouldn’t treat it as an exam. Do your best to use your chance to make a wonderful impression on the first meeting with his parents. Open up and share your hobbies and life values. Have you ever had awkward situations during the first meeting with your partner’s family? Share you secrets on how to make a good impression on his family, please.