Top 9 Allergy-Fighting Foods


Nowadays, more and more people have problems with sneezes every summer. Summer is here with its blasted flower pollen and horrible poplar wool. However you it doesn’t mean you should endure it. Even more, all you need you can find home.
The remedy that fights allergy symptoms is quercetin, the antioxidant found in fruits, veggies, grains and leaves. Research shown that quercetin is a strong inhibitor that helps win through the allergic nasal blockage. More importantly, this plant-derived stuff is effective against a wide variety of diseases, including cancer. From laboratory studies is conjecture that quercetin may affect certain mechanisms of cancer.

Quercetin also has anti-inflammatory properties. So, don’t spin out time and start building your antiallergic menu. Roll up!

1. Black or green tea

Brew a teapot of black or green tea and chill it with ice. You can also make tea with a quercetin-rich with nettle or Urtica dioica, a herbaceous perennial flowering plant, the best-known member of the nettle genus Urtica. It decreases your body’s production of histamine, the chemical released by your immune system to trigger an allergic reaction. Read more about green tea – 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Drink Green Tea.

Another plant that fights pesky symptoms is Common butterbur. This weed is effective in reducing the frequency and severity of migraine attacks and is proved helpful for allergic rhinitis. Its uses include applications as a muscle relaxant and to treat coughs, fever, wounds, headaches, asthma ans stress.

2. Wine

This noble drink made from black grape varieties is a great nature antioxidant.

3. Tomato

It’s time to enjoy this ripe red fruit. Add it to your guacamole sauce to spread on pita or a toast. Tomato used in folk medicine to treat immune redness that tends to nasal congestion.

4. Bulb onion

This specie contains a number of vitamins. Wide-ranging claims have been made for the effectiveness of onions against conditions ranging from the common cold to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases. Dice it to your summer salad or bake it with your favourite pizza.

5. Petroselinum

This widely used specie is a vitamin and mineral powerhouse. It battle bad breath or just looks pretty on your plate. Parsley is rich in iron. You can add it to you soup or cut in a salad.

6. Cabbage

Especially successful at struggle with allergy its sort known as broccoli. It is high in vitamin C, as well as dietary fiber. Make a creamy side dish baked in a delicious cheese sauce or roast in olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

7. Leaf veggies

Leaf veggies can also help improve you health. Raw or grilled they jazz up an ordinary salad. Refresh your menu by mixing greens with smoked fish and grapeseed oil.

8. Apples

There are million varieties of apples. Come fall, sweet, crunchy apples abound in markets everywhere. You can make apple crisps, a tasty pie or even add to a salad. Read more – 3 Reasons Why You Have to Fill Up on Fruit

9. Citrus

Citrus is generally eaten fresh but you can also make a tangy drink, citrus dessert or dice them up and flesh out your baked meat.