10 Steps to a Perfect French Pedicure


7. Paint your toes with an opaque color

Use an opaque color to paint the exposed part of the nail. While this is traditionally white, you can use any solid color you like. For summery nails, try tropical blue or hot pink. I like to use black with pink tips, blue with green tips, and red with black tips. When it comes to a white nail polish, it’s important to find a formula that doesn’t require a few coats. If you apply too much nail polish on the tips of your toenails, it can result in fast peeling or chipping. I always test nail polishes including the white one at the store on a piece of plastic to determine if the color of nail polish is suitable for me.

You can also use a white nail pencil on the underside of your toenails if you have a little bit longer toenails. But I suggest you to use a white nail polish or any other color you like so that your French pedicure can last longer. You can get very creative here and even alternate colors on your toenails. Allow the nail polish to dry for at least five-ten minutes before continuing. If you think you applied too much nail polish, don’t continue, remove the nail polish, apply a thin coat again and let it dry for five minutes.