10 Steps to a Perfect French Pedicure


5. Apply primer

Skip this step if you only plan on having the pedicure for a day or so. Primer helps keep the nail polish in great condition and should be carefully applied in even strokes starting from the bottom of the nail and moving to the top. Start on one side of the nail and work your way across for large nails. Smaller ones will be simple as they are only one or two strokes.

How to choose a good nail primer:

Nowadays you can find 3 types of nail primer, namely acid nail primer, non-acid nail primer and acid-free nail primer. The main difference between these nail primers is the kind of chemical bonds they make. Acid nail primer is usually used with acrylic tips. It’s very corrosive and it can burn the skin around your nails and can also turn your nails yellow. If you decide to use an acid nail primer, make sure you use it carefully.

Non-acid primer contains acids as well, but it doesn’t contain methacrylic acid. You can use it, but do it cautiously and properly. Acid-free nail primer seems to be the best option when it comes to nail primers. This type of primer is becoming very popular in most beauty salons these days. But again, make sure you use it properly.