10 Steps to a Perfect French Pedicure


10. Seal

If you really want that pedicure to stick, plan ahead and paint on some nail polish sealer. This is a polish that is designed to dry extra hard. It can help preserve your look for several weeks if you are careful. However, this step is not entirely necessary. You can also dip your toes into cold water shortly after painting the top transparent layer. This will help the polish harden up a little more than normal. You should avoid direct contact on your toes for about 30 minutes.

To make your French pedicure last longer, touch up the tips of your toenails by applying white (or the color of your choice) nail polish. Opt for a white nail polish that is specifically created for French manicure and pedicure. Since the top coat can wear down, apply a transparent coat of nail polish every two days to ensure your French pedicure looking neat and beautiful.

A regular pedicure really makes a difference in keeping your feet soft and your toenails clean, neat and beautiful. A French pedicure is your ticket to beautiful feet. Stick to the traditional white and clear look for elegance, or opt for more exciting colors to spice things up. The choice is yours. Either way, it is surprisingly simple to do your own nails. You can save yourself quite a bit of money by just doing them yourself. Do you have some other tips for a perfect French pedicure?