10 Best Skin Care Tips from Famous Women


3. Avoid toxic beauty products

This advice for skin care I took from Natalia Rose. She wrote the book, Detox for Women. Natalia is also one of my favorite famous people. At first her book was published three years ago, and when I read it I discovered for myself a great importance of non-toxic products. The author tells in her book that women should avoid toxic skin care products. I really felt a great result of this tip as my money was saved and my skin became more beautiful. Since I learnt Natalia’s advice I don’t use toxic products such as shampoos, cosmetic, body lotions. I tried very hard to change my beauty routine for more organic and natural one. I use coconut oil and sea salt to wash my face. I take advantage of using coconut oil instead of shaving cream and lotion. We can see that this oil can be used with different purposes. I can definitely say that my cosmetic is not much expensive but yet efficient. You can buy non-toxic products at about $3. I would like to recommend you this tip for making your skin beautiful if you want to save your money and time.