10 Reasons to Love Drugstore Beauty Products


9. Often the Same as the Expensive Products

Television commercials are always touting their ‘breakthrough’ products that are absolutely better than anything else available. The truth is that many of the products available at department stores are the same as those available in drugstores. In fact, many of the less expensive drugstore brands are better than what’s available at the mall. When a cosmetic company sees an opportunity to try charging more, it takes it. We often splurge on one beauty product over another and we often are getting duped in paying more than it is actually worth. Many times we pay extra money simply for beautiful packaging or name. My coworker is a high-end kind of woman. She splurges on clothes and shoes and, of course, beauty products, especially skincare products since she tends to break out. She used incredibly expensive beauty products for years until the day she tried some cheaper drugstore beauty products. She told me that there’s no significant difference, and that she can save hundreds of dollars by buying drugstore products. Just because a packaging is appealing and an ingredient list has a high price tag doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Sometimes a more cheaper product can be much better than the most expensive one.