10 Reasons to Love Drugstore Beauty Products


Beauty products can be found almost anywhere these days including department stores, beauty supply stores, drugstores, supermarkets, discount stores, and online. If you have ever bought makeup at a department store or moisturizer from a television infomercial, you know it can be expensive to maintain. Drugstore beauty products are another option, and here are 10 reasons to love them.

1. Save Money

Now you can buy beauty products everywhere, but what is the differences between department stores and drugstores where you buy all these things? The answer is rather simple: drugstore beauty products are cheaper. For me, the number one reason to buy drugstore beauty products is to save money. A bottle of foundation can set you back $30 to over $100 at department stores and specialty stores. You can find a bottle of foundation that is often the same quality for $15 or less at a local drugstore. If you buy a lot of makeup frequently throughout the year, that savings will add up quickly. The reason why the drugstore beauty products are cheaper than department store beauty products is the price of the lease of the building and the location in the city. No wonder most drugstores have more buyers and sometimes-bigger gains.

2. Availability

Availability is an important factor in nowadays humans’ life, because people became lazier and it is really hard for some to go somewhere and to buy, for example, shampoo. Also, people became impatient, they are really nervous when they do not get their order in time. Is your favorite department store brand only available in one store? Do you have to drive 40 miles to get there and pick up your favorite products? Maybe they run out of stock frequently. Drugstore beauty products are almost always in stock, and most people have a drugstore within 5 miles of their home. It is very easy to go out and take everything you want and need. You also don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail if you order it online or from the television. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get what you need. Beauty products are delivered more often to the drugstore than to any other place, and they are usually fresh and have lower prices. Here is one more reason why you’d better to choose the drugstore beauty products. Don’t concentrate only on the brand products. The brand is not as important as quality.

3. Testing Products

Testing beauty products is important, because in such a way you can find out if this product suits you, or if you have any allergic reaction, or how it smells. Some department stores let you test products, but not all of them do. Why? It is because some of the stores have beauty products that have past its expiry date or they try to use sparingly. If you’re shopping online, not only can’t you test anything, you can’t even be sure that the shade you see online will look the same in real. Buying the beauty products online is the easiest way to get the product that you won’t use due to its low quality. Last year I ordered an expensive mascara, and received a cheap one that was a poor quality. The same was with lip balms, shampoos and conditioners. Since then I haven’t ordered any beauty product online, I buy them at drugstores. In a drugstore, you can test out most products before you buy them. If there isn’t a test product available, ask a store associate if you can open one to try it out. If you ask someone to help you to test the product, the people in the drugstore will help you with pleasure, not with dissatisfied face and evil look.

4. Convenience

The Internet has made saving money on beauty products much easier, and it has opened up new markets allowing you to find beauty products that may otherwise not be available to you. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost. You have to wait for the product to come in the mail, and you probably have to pay for shipping. You can buy a beauty product at a drugstore within minutes and you don’t have to wait for shipping. The number of the drugstores in each town in the world is bigger than the number of shops. All off these stores are situated really close to each other, so it will not be a problem for you to go out and do shopping. Plus, more beauty products are becoming available in large drugstores such as Walgreens or Rite Aid, including organic, natural products. Not only will you save on beauty products, you will also save on gas or shipping. Moreover, you can easily return the beauty product you don’t want to use. Once I bought a bunch of beauty goodies for a girls’ spa night, and then returned all extra products we didn’t use. I think it’s a great reason to buy drugstore beauty products.

5. Variety

Department stores are not known for their variety when it comes to beauty products. They usually carry only one brand associated with the store. Many department stores are concentrated on the commercials, not on the quality of the product. At a drugstore, you can find hundreds of different beauty products from dozens of reputable brands for hair products, skin care products, and makeup. The larger the drugstore, the more you have to choose from. You might ask, why there is a great variety of beauty products available at the drugstores. Well, that’s because most drugstore beauty products are made of natural plants and the pharmacists can mix a lot and get new mixtures, masks, and creams. More and more women buy beauty products at the drugstore since they know that those products will not bring any harm and problems. A few months ago I used an expensive cream that I thought worked wonders for my skin, however, it only caused me to break out. My dermatologist advised me to buy all skincare products at the drugstore. They really do wonders for my skin!

Drugstore beauty products are getting better and better at offering you options in various formulas so you can easily find an affordable option for almost every beauty issue. Whether you are always battling disappearing blush or super straight eyelashes, drugstore beauty products will definitely help fix the problem.

6. Coupons and Deals

Sometimes online stores or department stores have sales, but it’s nothing like drugstores. Shopping at drugstores is one of the best ways to save your hard-earned money and buy good beauty products. Every day you have the possibility to take part in different deals where you can get different coupons. Beauty products have coupons available every week. Hold onto the coupon until a sale comes around and you can save 50% or more off the retail price. ‘Extreme couponers’ have been known to get shampoos, conditioners, and body washes for free or almost for free using coupons and deals. If you take part in the deal, you won’t go home without anything; you might get a present or a coupon with the discount for your favorite products. I often get lucky with higher end beauty products and get amazing gifts with purchase. And when drugstore beauty products go on sale or clearance, you can stock up on your favorite products or discover a new ones without wrecking your budget. Just because these beauty products are cheap doesn’t mean they are poor quality. Though, I agree, we get what we pay for. But when my budget doesn’t allow for the high end brands, the drugstore beauty products are the best options for me.

7. Regular New Products

With dozens of different brands come dozens of new beauty products every year. Drugstores always want to have the latest products to get you in the store. Beauty product companies almost always have coupons for new products. That means you always have lots of new products to choose from that are inexpensive to try out. You can always find new skincare and makeup products for sensitive skin. If you are suffering from acne, ask your dermatologist and they will definitely advise you to use drugstore skincare products, because they are more natural and effective than the products bought at the department store. Since the drugstores offer new beauty products regularly, you can always try something new to fight your acne, just make sure you consult your dermatologist before using any acne fighting product.

I don’t know about you, but every time I visit the nearest drugstore, there are always some new beauty product displays filled with fun, useful and fresh products to try. It’s always exciting to try out brand new beauty products and I like being the first of my coworkers and friends to tell about a new beauty product, and I enjoy sharing my experience with them.

8. Try it before You Buy it

You won’t be able to try shampoo or body wash before you buy it, but you can usually test out foundation, concealer, or other makeup products before you commit to a purchase. Ask a drugstore employee if there are any samples you can try if you don’t see any. They might open up a few and add a ‘sample’ sticker to give you a chance to test. The great news is that you can try the beauty product for free, without paying any cent for it. In addition, you can take the amount of the product that you need, not just a small drop, which is unusual for most department stores. Do a little research, and you might even get your free samples by mail.

Personally I can’t buy foundation or concealer without trying it, and I’m satisfied with the attitude to the buyers’ desire in the drugstore. When I’m going to purchase a few beauty products, I always try them out, if possible, and I recommend you to do the same. I know a few drugstores that even offer to try out facial cleanser or facial mask. This is one of my favorite reasons to love drugstore beauty products. I can always try them out and choose the best ones!

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9. Often the Same as the Expensive Products

Television commercials are always touting their ‘breakthrough’ products that are absolutely better than anything else available. The truth is that many of the products available at department stores are the same as those available in drugstores. In fact, many of the less expensive drugstore brands are better than what’s available at the mall. When a cosmetic company sees an opportunity to try charging more, it takes it. We often splurge on one beauty product over another and we often are getting duped in paying more than it is actually worth. Many times we pay extra money simply for beautiful packaging or name. My coworker is a high-end kind of woman. She splurges on clothes and shoes and, of course, beauty products, especially skincare products since she tends to break out. She used incredibly expensive beauty products for years until the day she tried some cheaper drugstore beauty products. She told me that there’s no significant difference, and that she can save hundreds of dollars by buying drugstore products. Just because a packaging is appealing and an ingredient list has a high price tag doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Sometimes a more cheaper product can be much better than the most expensive one.

10. Make Your Own Choices

We are responsible for our choices, which is why we should choose all the products very attentively to avoid being disappointed later. In fact, buying makeup can be frustrating when you’re looking for the right shades and colors. Now add a pushy saleslady that is trying to push the most expensive products on you in order to get a commission.  In a drugstore, you can take your time browsing and never have to worry about someone asking you if you need help every 2 minutes. You can be calm and concentrate on your choice not on the people around you. I hate it when a saleslady is trying to push me into buying beauty products that I don’t need or don’t want to buy. Sure, sometimes I need help when it comes to skincare products, but it’s so frustrating when a saleslady offers you to buy the most expensive product, even if doesn’t suit your skin type.

You might have a department store brand that you swear by, but don’t underestimate drugstore beauty products. They are less expensive to try out and might be even better than what you’re used to. Take a trip to the drugstore and look at the available hair, makeup, and skin care products. How often do you buy drugstore beauty products?