10 Reasons to Love Drugstore Beauty Products


Beauty products can be found almost anywhere these days including department stores, beauty supply stores, drugstores, supermarkets, discount stores, and online. If you have ever bought makeup at a department store or moisturizer from a television infomercial, you know it can be expensive to maintain. Drugstore beauty products are another option, and here are 10 reasons to love them.

1. Save Money

Now you can buy beauty products everywhere, but what is the differences between department stores and drugstores where you buy all these things? The answer is rather simple: drugstore beauty products are cheaper. For me, the number one reason to buy drugstore beauty products is to save money. A bottle of foundation can set you back $30 to over $100 at department stores and specialty stores. You can find a bottle of foundation that is often the same quality for $15 or less at a local drugstore. If you buy a lot of makeup frequently throughout the year, that savings will add up quickly. The reason why the drugstore beauty products are cheaper than department store beauty products is the price of the lease of the building and the location in the city. No wonder most drugstores have more buyers and sometimes-bigger gains.