8 Reasons to Avoid Piercing Your Body


Nowadays many people start getting piercing in order to personalize their style. Getting piercing is a decision you shouldn’t make in a hurry. If you are sure that you want to pierce your body, check out some reasons to avoid doing it.

1. It can be painful

Piercing can be really painful. Of course, some anesthetic ointment can reduce the pain, but it may come back after the effect is over. There are some cases where the pain from the piercing can remain for several days or even weeks.

2. You may end up getting injured or hurt

Don’t believe all the ‘professional’ piercers, since they could just pick up some tricks from here and there. In fact, there is really no training or formal curriculum for such things. And you always take a risk to end up getting seriously injured or hurt.

3. There’s the risk of contracting fatal diseases

If the piercings aren’t done hygienically and the equipment or needles are not sterilized or new, then there is always a great risk of contracting such fatal diseases as AIDS. Do you still want to expose your body to this danger?

4. It can make you look unprofessional

The ear piercing is probably the only acceptable piercing for women. The rest of the body piercings can make you look unprofessional and highly incompetent. Think about it before taking a decision to get a piercing.

5. The risk of infection is always there

Infection always is the risk following a piercing, even in cases where a sterile procedure is followed. Although professional piercing artists claim the procedure to be risk free, there is always the risk of infection. And sometimes it might become quite ugly.

6. It can be uncomfortable to live with

Sometimes we get the piercing done without thinking about our lives after the piercing. But it can indeed be very uncomfortable to live with. For instance, when you get your tongue pierced, you don’t realize how uncomfortable it’ll be every time you eat, drink or talk.

7. It can affect your future and present relationships

Most people don’t want to be associated with people getting a piercing done at uncommon places. Usually people might be freaked out by genital piercings, tongue piercings, and something like that. Therefore, piercing may have an adverse effect on your relationships.

8. You might regret it later

I know lots of people who got themselves pierced, and now they regret it. The main reasons for regretting can be that the place where you’ve got piercing done looks really odd and piercing doesn’t suit your personality.

Consider these reasons before going ahead with body piercing. Do you know any other reasons? Share your thoughts, please!