6 Signs You Are too Busy for Him


Is your career more important than your boyfriend? If yes, then you need to think about your relationship once again. If you’re too busy for your partner, then your relationship won’t survive for long. Check out some signs you are too busy for your boyfriend.

1. You don’t express your love for him

Expressing your love helps to strengthen a relationship. Do you remember when was the last time you expressed your feelings and love to your boyfriend? If your answer is “no” that’s because you’re very busy with your work and you don’t have time for your partner. Just think about him, he’s still with you and he loves you. Send your lover some flowers or buy some gift for him. He will definitely appreciate your attention.

2. You don’t reply to his text messages

Another sign you are too busy for your boyfriend is that you don’t reply to the text messages he sends you. Check your chat application or your inbox. If you haven’t time to reply, then you should think about your relationship.

3. You avoid or ignore his calls

Time is one of the most important things in a relationship. If you are avoiding or ignoring your boyfriend’s calls and you don’t speak with him every day, your relationship may suffer badly. Think again, if you’re ignoring his calls for your work. Lost love will not come again in life.

4. You don’t meet him often

If you turn down dinner dates, this is one of the signs you’re too busy for him. If your boyfriend asks you for a dinner date and you say ‘no’, think again. Well, you might have your own reasons for telling him ‘no’. But if you don’t spend time with your boyfriend, he might get frustrated. A relationship works on a healthy balance, and it’s important to dedicate time for your love. You need to make your relationship stronger.

5. You avoid all the plans he makes for you

How often do you avoid picnics or weekend trips, which your boyfriend arranges for you? I think most of the times, right? Well, if you want to save your relationship, you should work on it, before it’s too late. If you love him, then make him happy!

6. You prefer to eat at home

If you decide to take time out for your boyfriend but you tell him that you want to have dinner at home, evaluate the situation. You’re simply busy to spend some time with your partner and that’s the reason why you want to eat at home. You have to set your priorities right. If you go out with your lover, he will feel good as well. So plan something interesting next time and surprise him a little.

Are you too busy for your boyfriend? How do you handle the situation? Share your thoughts, please.