7 Most Prevalent Meanings of Body Piercings


Body piercing is very popular today, but it’s important to consider why you want a body piercing and how it can affect your life. Depending on where you live and your personal preferences or beliefs, body piercings can have different meanings. Check out a few meanings of body piercings.

1. Self-expression

Nowadays lots of young people like to get body piercings because of the self-expression. Having a sense of direction and being unique is something that our generation is struggling with, and body piercings seem to be a great way of expressing your sense of personal taste, emotions, or beliefs.

2. Trends and style

Another most prevalent meaning of body piercings is to be in style or to keep up with trends! It may be due to peer pressure, but it has a lot to do with being well accepted and fitting in as well.

I have my ears pierced twice in each ear, and for me it was just a matter of personal tastes! I just like wearing beautiful earrings.

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3. Sexuality

Sexuality is one of the most prevalent meanings of body piercings. Navel piercings were originally meant to signify sexual attraction.

Nowadays many girls like navel piercings, because they are cute. However, when women first began piercing their navels, it was for just a sign of sexuality!

4. Body art

Recently I learned that body piercing is a form of body art. There are many creative and crazy designs for body piercings and a lot of unusual areas that people are getting piercings. You can find almost any color or style of earrings or body jewellery for your piercings today.

5. Culture

There are people who get body piercings because of their culture. Some tribes in Africa pierce their lips while in India nose piercings are very popular. Depending on where you are from and your culture, body piercings could hold good value to you if you’re true to your tradition!

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6. Religion

A lot of religions require body piercings. Most of them are pagan or tribal religions. If you study out some certain religions in Asia and the Middle East, you’ll find that even if not all religions require piercings, lots of people who follow these religions can pierce some certain areas of their bodies to signify bonding and unity.

7. Achieving world records

It may sound crazy, but some people get piercings because they want to achieve world records! If you read world record facts, you’ll see an astonishing number of men and women around the world that have held world records for the most body piercings!

There are many reasons to get body piercings, and many meanings of body piercings. Well, girls, do you have any body piercings? Share your thoughts, please!