9 Advertizing Tricks to Make Food Look Good


Advertizing tricks are used to make the food look good, because many hours under hot lights as well as natural color reduction in cooking processes, can make food look unappetizing. The main reason why advertisers use these tricks is that they want to sell their products. I think you should know these 9 advertizing tricks to make food look good.

1. Heat enhancers

Food that comes boiling hot or baking from the oven or cooker doesn’t steam for a long time, and we know that this is the sign that food is hot. Advertisers create artificially prolonged steam. They soak pads, or cotton balls, in water and microwave them, then thoroughly hide in the food and allowed to let off steam.

2. Structural engineering

Have you ever been surprised how those 6-inch high burgers stuffed with pasties, cheese, lettuce and lots of toppings stay together? The advertising trick is cardboard and toothpicks.

3. Defying gravity

A full-cream ice with running of the top yummy syrup seems to taste good, but it isn’t proper for a fine photo. For stopping runny syrup, advertisers stick pieces of paper towel to the ice cream before adding the syrup.

4. Fizzy drink

After the drink has been opened and poured, bubbles in soda don’t fizz for a long. For prolonging a fizz advertisers add in drink an antacid tablet.

5. Delicious food

Glycerin is one of the best ways to make food look good and tasty. Advertisers use glycerin for any food or dish that needs to have a shiny or glossy look.

6. Don’t try it

All of us know that steaks are cooked on the grill, but you might be surprised to know that advertised juicy piece of steak has never been anywhere near a grill. Meat products like kebabs, burgers and steaks are ‘cooked’ with a blowtorch, and grill marks are added with a branded iron. To make the meat look juicier sometimes advertisers even touch up the scorch marks with shoe polish or lacquer it.

7. Glue instead of milk

We know that milk turns cereals soggy just in a few minutes, that’s why advertisers use the white PVA glue instead of the milk. They also can use yoghurt or shampoo.

8. Looks good

To make food look good advertisers also use hairsprays and deodorants, which make things stay in place when they’ve been beautifully arranged, stop things like herbs and lettuce leaves from looking faded and add a soft sheen.

9. It’s not just potato

Mashed potato is one of the best tricks advertisers use to make food look tasty. It is a perfect trimming to roasts, turkey, and chicken to make them look plumper. Mashed potato is also used as lining in tarts and pies to prevent them falling apart and it’s even dyed different colors to substitute an ice cream.

I think these advertising tricks for food are attractive. I’m sure you do too. But, please, don’t use these tricks at home!