9 Most Romantic Winter Date Ideas


Winter is usually monotonous for couples. They can`t have long walks in autumn parks under the rain of golden leaves or sit in a small cozy summer café any more. Just because it snows outside doesn`t mean that you should stay at home. It shouldn`t be the only option. A little bit of imagination, some warm clothes and you can have a fantastic winter date where you can come closer and enjoy each other`s company. Here are some ideas for you to think over.

1. Get cabin fever

Why not run away from everybody and everything on a weekend? Settle in a country cottage or a log cabin, turn off your cell phones and go deep into the ocean of true love. No matter how cold it is outside you two will feel always warm and cozy. After an adventurous day outside, going hiking in the woods, skiing or making a snowman, you can have a quiet and romantic evening. Cook dinner together and eat it in front of the fireplace, watch movies and talk far into the night with golden candles all around the room.

2. Try whisky tasting

It is a very extraordinary idea and it`s certainly a perfect way to get warmed! After a walk along snow-covered streets and playing snowballs it is necessary to warm yourself. Drop in a local bar or a distillery, which offers whisky samplings. It will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about this noble drink and how to differentiate malt and 7-year-old drink. You will get a little bit light-headed but who knows whether it is because of whiskey or because of love.

3. Have a carpet picnic

Unfortunately, this idea belongs to the indoors variants of winter dates but I`m sure you are to be aware of it anyway. It is very unusual and merry to have a theme picnic. You may choose any theme to your taste, for example, a Mediterranean theme. There are many tasty treats to go very well with it and to buy at the nearest supermarket, like cheese, olives, deli meats, etc. Supplement all this with a good warming bottle of red wine and make yourself comfortable in front of the fire on a soft woolen blanket. You can change the scenario any way to your liking.

4. Go skating

You may say that this idea is not new, but I`ll answer that it is great and breathtaking. A simple date at the outdoor skating rink may turn out to be the most romantic experience you have ever had! Your man will be your support as you try to balance among numerous people, you`ll catch each other`s glances and smiles. At such moments the whole world ceases to exist. If you two have already got skating skills it is a good opportunity to show them off on the ice. Then, when sitting in a small and comfy café and sipping hot chocolate, you both can heartily laugh at how you`ve landed on your bum and he will certainly fall in love with your rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes.

5. Take a beach trip

Have you ever been to the seaside in winter? It is a fascinating experience, I assure you. Most probably you won`t meet any people there so there will be only you two and boundless raging sea. You can take a picnic on the sand, but don`t forget to put on some very warm clothes and take along big woolen blankets accompanied by sandwiches and hot tea or even mulled wine. You can also take a walk along the shore and collect seashells and pebbles. Maybe you`ll find a bottle with a letter inside and it will be a start of your story full of adventures and deep affection.

6. Play tourists

It is impossible to describe how interesting and fun it may be to play tourists! Grab your camera and set off in your trip around the city discovering new fantastic places. Imagine that you see those surroundings for the first time and look at the city with new eyes. Ask strangers to take pictures of you two together. It will be even more amusing if you both speak foreign languages. Trick everybody and pretend to be different people, it will draw you two together even more.

7. Set up a home chocolate bar

How about setting up your own chocolate bar right in your kitchen? I think it is quite unusual and just fantastic! Provide your bar with all the necessary ingredients: milk, whipped cream, mini marshmallows and of course chocolate. Buy some suitable liquor like Baileys or Kahlua in order to add some savor to your drinks. Find some cool recipes for you and your beloved and enjoy your sweet romantic evening.

8. Learn a new skill

You have always dreamt about learning to cook Chinese cuisine or to draw with water-colors? Start taking lessons with your second half right now. Such an idea has only all the benefits: you`ll learn much new information and get new skills, you`ll spend time together and have much fun, you`ll have an opportunity to know your partner better from different side, and it will be a real surprise. I find this idea brilliant; you should only know the interests and preferences of your beloved.

9. Play paintball

One may ask what is romantic about it. Don`t worry, it is a good-proof scheme for those who want to try something new and is not afraid of getting dirty. Paintball will give you a great charge of adrenaline and bring a lot of fun! Imagine yourselves being Mr. and Mrs. Smith fighting for survival against those bad guys. Don`t tell me you don`t want to try it!

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Winter is a fascinating season so you shouldn`t get desperate and stay at home all the time. Using these date ideas will help you make this winter the most romantic and breathtaking season you have ever had! Use your imagination and don`t be afraid to try something new. What was\would be your ideal winter date?