9 Most Romantic Winter Date Ideas


Winter is usually monotonous for couples. They can`t have long walks in autumn parks under the rain of golden leaves or sit in a small cozy summer café any more. Just because it snows outside doesn`t mean that you should stay at home. It shouldn`t be the only option. A little bit of imagination, some warm clothes and you can have a fantastic winter date where you can come closer and enjoy each other`s company. Here are some ideas for you to think over.

1. Get cabin fever

Why not run away from everybody and everything on a weekend? Settle in a country cottage or a log cabin, turn off your cell phones and go deep into the ocean of true love. No matter how cold it is outside you two will feel always warm and cozy. After an adventurous day outside, going hiking in the woods, skiing or making a snowman, you can have a quiet and romantic evening. Cook dinner together and eat it in front of the fireplace, watch movies and talk far into the night with golden candles all around the room.