6 Moral Values You Should Teach Your Children


Teaching your child the right morals and values is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent. Since morals aren’t something you can teach your child out of a textbook, it’s a really difficult task.

Only timely advice and experience can instill values in children. Check out a few values that you should teach your children when they are young.

1. Being generous and helpful

Children turn out to be helpful and generous people when they’re given these values at a young age. If your children see you being generous and helpful to people around you, they’ll surely follow you.

That’s one moral value that is better taught to your children by action rather than by words. Set a good example in front of your children so that they realize the importance of being a helpful person.

2. Not to lie

Another most important value you should teach your children is not to lie. Tell them that truth is always rewarded although it may seem bitter at first.

Also, tell them that lies are always punished, and explain the nature of lies. It can be casual lie, a white lie, a manipulative lie, or bold lie. They should be also taught that lying includes hiding something from a person.

3. Never hurt anyone

One of the most important moral values you should teach your kids is never hurt anyone. Explain to your children that it could be hurting someone physically or emotionally, professionally or personally, unintentionally or intentionally. Children must be taught that hurting someone is a bad thing and even if they hurt a person, they should apologize immediately or expect the person to treat them back the same way.

4. Not to steal

You should also teach your kids not to steal. They must know that stealing is a crime legally and morally as well, regardless of what they steal a pen or hundred dollars. Explain to your children that stealing will be always dealt with punishment.

5. Apologize

Apologizing isn’t only a moral value, but also a basic etiquette all children should be taught. It’s important to teach your children that they should apologize when they commit a mistake or when they are wrong. Teaching your kids the importance of apologizing will definitely make them humble people.

6. Knowing right and wrong

Mentor your children and give them your experience to help them know what’s considered to be socially right and wrong, and what comprises the thin line between right and wrong. This concept may seem a bit complex for your kids, but when they grow up they can reflect on this moral value you taught them when they’re young.

What do you think are the most important moral values to teach your children? Share your thoughts, please!