How to Have a Kids Baseball Themed Birthday Party


Is your little slugger a baseball fanatic? If you answered yes, then a baseball themed birthday bash is sure to be a hit! Invite the whole team for a fun afternoon that is filled with sports trivia, activities, games, crafts, and treats. Choose a budget friendly option that can be easily set up at the family home or go for an all out super star experience at a local ballpark.

Kids Baseball Birthday Party Invitations

The first step to throwing any party is to invite the guests. Choose a day and time on (or close to) your child’s actual birthday. Go for convenience and try to select a weekend afternoon for the big day. Once you have the details nailed down, decide on a baseball themed invitation.

Most stores sell baseball invitations. These range from pricey invites that specialty and stationary stores sell to more wallet friendly options at big box or discount stores. Party stores, catalogues, and websites also often carry themed children’s invitations. These can usually be bought in bulk, and may be a less expensive choice.

For those crafty parents (and kids), creating birthday invitations is a special way to start the celebration. Start from scratch and use cardstock (a thick, sturdy paper) to create baseballs or home plates that can be filled in with part information, or visit a free party printable website for premade ready to use invites.

Baseball Party Games

The most obvious party game for a baseball themed birthday? Baseball, of course. Although this is a great game option, some families may not have the space to set up an entire ball field in the yard. Instead, try a creative (i.e., made up) modified version. Use a foam ball and bat or even a ball or let the kids make the rules (with adult guidance and input of course) for a whole new type of game.

Other party game options include:

Baseball dizzy bat: Place the bat on the floor in a standing up position and have the child put his head on the handle at the top. Have him spin around a few times and then try to run to a prize. For larger spaces, two or more kids can play at once racing to a base.

Base running: Set up a relay where the kids race from base to base.

Ball toss: Have a baseball toss to see who can throw farther. Use chalk to mark where the ball has landed.

Baseball Party Crafts

Crafts may not be synonymous with baseball, but these activities will add a fun flare to the party and also double as a great party favor.

Mini batting hats: Buy mini batting helmets at a novelty or party store. Use kids friendly paints to create unique individual designs or logos from a favorite team. Fill with other small party favors before the guests go home.

Baseball décor: Invite the guests to personalize a baseball. Use markers or 3-D puff paint to make a cool take home gift.

Baseball Party Menu

Menu selection will vary depending on the time of the party. For example, a mid-afternoon party may not require and entire meal. Baseball themed foods to serve include:

  1. Hot dogs: A staple of the American ball park.
  2. Nachos and cheese: Another baseball fan favorite.
  3. Baseball shaped cookies: Have kids help to decorate these using colored icing as another party activity.
  4. Baseball shaped cake: Use a round cake pan to create the shape, and decorate to match.
  5. Baseball field cake: For the more adventurous baker. Design an entire ball field out of icing, cookies, and candy on top of a rectangle shaped sheet cake.

For an added twist, serve the party food vendor style (like at a real game!). Place the items in a large box and yell out, “Get your nachos! Get your hotdogs here!”.

Baseball Game Option

Hit a home run with the special birthday boy by inviting his friends to a real baseball game. This more elaborate option will require more time, planning, resources, and help than a home party. If you are looking to plan a ball game party, take these ideas into consideration first:

Set a guest limit

Between tickets, parking, and food this party option will be very expensive. Come up with a budget to determine the maximum gust count possible.

Think about transportation

In many states children eight years of age and under are required to ride in car booster seats. Do you need help carpooling? Can you rent a van? Is public transportation an option?

Look into discounts

Many ball parks offer special discount days or lower priced tickets. Some even offer a ticket that includes the price of certain food items.

Go to a minor league game

This will be less expensive, but just as much fun.

A baseball themed birthday party is a great way to celebrate this special day for your child. Set a budget, choose a date, and plan activities and a menu. Whether you are throwing a party at home or taking the team to the ballpark, your child will relish in this sporting bash!