Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club – Ultimate Gentleman


Fall is fast approaching. To most parents the season is synonymous with a very common phrase, back-to-school. Not only is there extra shopping to do and many preparations to be made, but each year parents are obliged to establish routines for their families in order to maintain the insanity at an acceptable level. Often it is mothers who are responsible for the bulk of this planning while the rest of the family makes the necessary adjustments that will keep the smiles on their faces. There are, however, certain tasks that have specifically been set aside for dear old dad. Mowing the lawn, servicing the car, and cleaning the gutters are typical tasks appointed to fathers for routine maintenance.

Regular Haircuts

Another routine task fathers often perform is taking their sons to get regular haircuts. It’s one of a father’s more enjoyable tasks. There are always good conversations to be found at the barber shop and the quality time fathers spend with their sons can be invaluable. And the fact remains that dads usually need haircuts around the same times their sons do anyway. In terms of time, dads get double the value in this task. That statement is now true in terms of money as well, thanks to Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club.

With franchises popping up all over the United States, Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club has a unique way of doing business. For a monthly fee men can get as many haircuts as they want. Their sons under thirteen are included at no cost. Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club has constructed a business model that has worked quite well in other industries for companies such as Netflix and Hometown Buffet, as well as hundreds of internet subscription services. Now fathers can bring their sons for that unique barber shop experience as often as they want and stay within that all important budget at the end of the month. But the financial advantages of paying one monthly fee for the grooming of fathers and their preteen sons are just the beginning of the benefits of using Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club.

Ultimate Gentelman

It is the goal at Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club to help transform every patron into “The Ultimate Gentleman”. They take this charge very seriously in hiring highly skilled, knowledgeable barbers and using top quality hair care products. It is also the practice at Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club to see to every detail of the grooming needs of their patrons. This attention to detail typically produces the desired effect of fathers and sons feeling like a million bucks about the way they look. A positive self image instills confidence in virtually all other endeavors. Whether entering the boardroom or the classroom patrons of Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club can count on looking their best.

So as summer gradually wanes, leaving lazy vacations and casual grooming practices behind, it’s time for fathers and sons to get their hair and general appearance under control. What better way than to do this together at Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club? The friendly atmosphere and commitment to excellence along with the stable budgeting advantages are a perfect recipe during this time of establishing new routines. Moms and wives everywhere will keep smiling all year long.