7 Great Ways to Furnish a Small Apartment


It’s considered that furnishing a small apartment is rather difficult since there is no much space for all things that you need. Many young people face the problem of a little space at the beginning of their family life when they move to a new apartment.

Perhaps it’s not as big as the one where you lived with your parents. However, you may find plenty of smart ways to make your tiny apartment look wonderful. Even the smallest apartment can be a comfortable place to live in if you furnish it correctly. All you need is to choose the most suitable furniture for your home and give rein to creativity.

Consider the following tips when you start to furnish a small apartment. They will certainly help you to do it effortlessly.

1. Set priorities

Due to the fact that you own a small apartment, the first thing you have to do is to set priorities so that you know clearly what is the most important to you. If you live alone or with your loved one, there is no necessity to buy a big dining table. If you give preference to a desk, it will be quite enough for you.

Do you have lots of books at home? You should definitely allocate some storage for those.

To create an extra area, you can even get rid of unnecessary things like the coffee table or others. As a result, you will get an open space for something you really need.

2. Use large furniture

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make while furnishing a tiny apartment is the choice of small pieces of furniture. You’ll be surprised to find out that large furniture will make your room visually bigger. But still, you should keep balance and try not to select only big items for your flat.

For example, it will be nice to purchase a large sofa that can be perfectly combined with a little dining table. I advise you to measure your apartment before going to the furniture store. This way, you’ll be able to buy furniture that fits your home.

3. Smart storage

When you deal with a small apartment, storage space is the most crucial detail you should bear in mind. There may be many furniture items in your home that are unpractical, and you rarely use them.

So, it would be better to clear out your room and make more area for things that are of great importance to you. It is a perfect decision to get a piece of furniture which can be used as storage.

For instance, you may eat at the desk and keep your belongings in it as well. Plus, storage boxes and shelves will be an excellent option for your books and other things.

4. Go transparent

These days transparent furniture has become the latest trend and so many people choose it to decorate their homes. A see-through dining table and chairs are the best idea for your small apartment.

Even though these pieces are modern, they can be paired successfully with classic furniture. This is also a splendid way to add more space to your home. No matter which interior style you opt for, transparent furniture will always look amazing, especially if you lack space in your apartment.

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5. Add curvy furniture

You can be sure that your flat will appear more sophisticated and impressive with curvy furniture. Thus, I recommend you not to buy only traditional rectangular furniture items because your apartment will look like a box and you’ll soon be bored from such décor in your home.

In contrast to this, a round coffee table, curvy chairs, and sofa will give more chic and exclusiveness to your room. When it comes to furnishing a small apartment, lamps also matter.

Why not search for a lampshade of a round shape? Don’t be afraid to mix different shapes when you furnish your home, and you will be definitely satisfied with the final result.

6. Zone out your apartment

In order to enjoy your studio apartment you should zone out your space. This is an effective solution that will help you divide your living area into special zones that will be multifunctional.

Ensure you have a lounge zone with a small sofa and a TV set in one part of your room. Another corner may consist of a dining table and chairs, where you can eat and work too.

It is important to create a sleeping area in your home. For this you can either hang a curtain or put a bookcase between your bed and the rest of the room.

7. Floating objects

The main rule you should stick to is to keep your floor empty if possible. With the help of this trick your apartment will seem much bigger.

Undoubtedly, you’ve got plenty of various things which require additional area in your flat. It will be quite convenient to place them on the shelving units that are attached to the wall. Using this method, you will avoid a mess on your floor, and it will be empty.

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Surely, it’s hard to implement all your ideas and dreams concerning the décor of your apartment if it is not big enough. Though, there are a few efficient ways to furnish a small space without any problems.

Firstly, you should plan everything and decide on all the details only then that you can go to the furniture store and look for those items that suit your apartment ideally.

Have you ever lived in a small apartment? What methods did you use to furnish it and create a comfortable living area?