7 Excellent Country Western Wedding Ideas


More and more people give preference to unconventional weddings these days. There is an enormous choice of fantastic weddings in different styles.

Recently, a country-western themed wedding has become extremely popular. But the subject of country-style concerns only the wedding sphere.

Such an unusual idea to celebrate this great event in a country style will help you make it memorable and funny. Besides, you will manage to save some money.

Certainly, there are many other reasons why you should decide on this kind of wedding. The following tips will be helpful for you.

1. Choose a Barn as a Location

The great advantage of such a wedding is its small budget. First of all, you will save greatly on a location as you do not need to rent a reception hall.

Definitely, it will not be suitable for this style. Perhaps you’ll be surprised a bit, but a barn is a perfect choice for you. That is a wonderful location for your country-themed wedding.

I’m sure that some of your friends can help you to find the most fitting barn. The one which is not used for animals at the moment would be a better choice. Without a doubt, your guests will be astonished.

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2. Wear Cowboy and Cowgirl Boots

While preparing for your country-western-themed wedding, you should think about the associated things with this style. For example, cowboy and cowgirl boots are a simple way to represent the atmosphere of such an unconventional wedding.

So, it would help if you are looking for a pair of special boots for you and your groom. They are going to be the bright detail of your wedding wear which will obviously attract everybody’s attention.

If you are really interested and want to get more ideas on your wedding outfit in a country-western style, you can surf the Internet and pick up numerous photos. By combining a smart frilly wedding dress with bulky cowgirl boots, you will create a charming and romantic image.

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3. Seat on Hay Bales

If you use a barn for your reception, hay bales will be a nice completion to it. Seat your guests on them.

You can place the bales around picnic tables. These things will perfectly represent a country and western theme for your guests, enabling them to feel like at home.

It will be much easier for them to communicate and have fun. What is more important these picnic tables are not expensive; you can get them for free from your friends or relatives. Just don’t forget to cover them with tablecloths.

4. Take Peanut Buckets for Serving Foods

One of the most important parts of wedding preparation is choosing the tableware. Peanut buckets will suit the country-western theme very well. They can be used for any dish.

What about drinks? Certainly, we can’t imagine any party without them. For example, if you have decided to serve soda in cans, put them in an old washtub filled with ice.

Give rein to your imagination, use interesting and funny things to serve dishes. Your guests will be pleased with your creative solutions, and all your efforts will be highly appreciated.

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5. Use Mason Jars for Beverages

We all used that wine glasses and tumblers are used for beverages at various parties and celebrations. But your country-western-themed wedding is a good opportunity to deviate from those rules. Be creative and take mason jars to serve beverages.

I can guarantee you that such a solution will help you to highlight the country-western style. I’m convinced that you used mason jars before for different purposes. For instance, don’t put flowers into one of your favorite vases; change it for mason jars.

6. Make Decorations with Burlap Fabric

Burlap is one of my favorite kinds of fabric. Using it for your wedding decorations, you will emphasize the natural atmosphere of a country and western trend.

This fabric will look lovely as a table runner. Plenty of pretty fripperies can be made out of burlap.

Personally, I would decorate my wedding location with cute bows, which can provide all the guests with a great festive mood. In addition, the neutral color of burlap can fit any color scheme you choose.

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7. Use Horseshoes as Place Card Holders

Such marvelous decorative elements as horseshoes will help you to make your wedding unforgettable. Please pick up the details which you would like to accentuate and decorate them with the horseshoes.

Place cardholder is a brilliant idea which you can implement using a horseshoe. In general, the success of your country-western wedding completely depends on your creativity. Numerous sources are available for you to have a fun, cheap, and memorable wedding.

Suppose you didn’t hear about a country-western-themed wedding before you should look for more information about it. Have you already chosen the theme of your wedding? If not, consider this one.

This sort of wedding can be the perfect option for you. If you know any other ideas for a country-western-themed wedding, please tell us.