7 Unique Alternatives to Wedding Bouquets


If you want to add your own personal touch to your wedding day, why not make your own alternative bridal bouquet? While flowers are more acceptable to carry down the aisle, sometimes a fresh take on a traditional idea can add more interest.

Check out a list of a few unique alternatives to wedding bouquets. With these unique alternatives to floral wedding bouquets, you’ll keep with traditions and put your own personal stamp on your wedding day.

1. Feather wedding bouquet

Add a touch of whimsy and fun to your big day. Take long feathers, gather them into a clutch and tie a beautiful ribbon around the base. The feathers will move about, when you walk down the aisle, adding a lovely yet whimsical touch to your ensemble.

2. Button wedding bouquet

There are many different types of buttons out there, and do you know that they are very interesting and versatile bridal accessory? Make button blooms by layering and stacking differently sized buttons to look like flowers.

Then, add colored felt pieces to look like petals or leaves. Glue the buttons and adhere every flower to a wire dowel or stem. Wrap satin fabric around the base and make a bridal bouquet to remember.

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3. Pinecone wedding bouquet

If you are a natural kind of girl and you are going to get married in the fall, you can make a pinecone wedding bouquet. Just glue pinecones to the ends of thick and long branches, gather them together to create a bouquet, and tie a pretty ribbon around the base. Beautiful and rustic pinecone bridal bouquet will add a warm, natural touch to your big day.

4. Vintage crystal bouquet

A bouquet made up of vintage crystal broaches will add a touch of vintage charm to your wedding look. Go to an antique store or a thrift shop, where you will find a wide selection of vintage crystal broaches for a reasonable price and arrange them into a beautiful bouquet.

5. Candy wedding bouquet

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re looking for an offbeat alternative to flowers for your wedding bouquet, then why not make a bouquet out of your favorite candies? Candy bouquet can add a special touch to any wedding. Create the bouquet out of colorful candies, or you can go to a candy store and see whether they can make the bouquet out of flower-shaped candies.

6. Dried rye wedding bouquet

Okay, it sounds a bit odd, but dried rye bridal bouquet is actually quite beautiful, especially for a wedding with a country-chic theme. This bouquet will add a natural touch to your wedding. Gather dried ryes and secure together with a pretty wide ribbon at the base.

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7. Fan wedding bouquet

This bouquet is perfect for a summer wedding, as you can use it to keep yourself cool when you make your way down the aisle. Fan wedding bouquet will definitely add an interesting and lovely look to your bridal attire.

Typically, the bride holds a wedding bouquet at the beginning of the ceremony, and then she hands it to the maid of honor. Once the ceremony is over, the bride tosses the bouquet over the shoulder for all those single girls to catch. The girl that catches the bouquet is believed to be the next to get married.

This old wedding tradition is related to the Golden Apple of Discord myth. Having a weird wedding bouquet can totally change the tradition.

Which of these unique alternatives to wedding bouquets does sound most appealing to you?