10 Funny Instagram Quotes That We All Relate To


If you are trying to make it through a stress-filled week and the thought about Friday does not make you smile, you need an emergency pick-me-up. When looking for these Instagram quotes, I saw so many fun stuff that I really forget about my problems, stress and boyfriend drama.

There are so many fantastic quotes that it was really hard to choose only ten of them. While some of these are silly, others have a hidden message in them. I want to remind that today is Friday, which means we have no right to frown, moan and cry.

You did it! Say goodbye to office and say hello to a funny weekend. Enjoy reading these funny Instagram quotes and try not to hurt yourself by laughing too hard. Let’s start:

1. When you feel like you do not deserve to be loved.

2. Don’t say you have never had a problem with a sliding sock

3. It is a curse

4. But still keep watching Netflix and eating pizza and donuts

5. After all, suppressing emotions is bad for our health and speaking is always better than staying silent

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6. Really, girls, just stop caring

7. Because wine has more powerful mood-boosting properties than that plain water

8. Single women make the world a better place to live

9. No wonder we love Friday

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10. Who has an ideal relationship with grammar?

Don’t tell me that you do not relate to at least one of these funny Instagram quotes? Let’s be honest. Share your thoughts, worries, troubles and happy moments in the comments. And, have a happy weekend!