10 Life-Changing Notebook Quotes


What is one of the most important things in your life? Of course, love. The most beautiful love story to ever exist, The Notebook teaches us many precious life lessons. Almost 11 years have passed since the movie first hit theaters.

The Notebook makes most of us believe in everlasting love and helps us deal with the similar relationship issues. Here are some of the most life-changing Notebook quotes to remember:

1. You do not need to be special to love

Whether you are an ordinary girl or guy, or you are a celebrity, you deserve to love and be loved. If your heart is filled with love, nothing else matters.

2. Complicated relationships are not doomed

No matter what relationship issues you and your partner face, you both are able to fix them. Of course, if you truly love each other. Otherwise, it is not a genuine love.

3. Friendship and love go hand in hand

When you love someone, they become your best friend and love of life at the same time. You two are already close friends. You know each others’ insecurities, weaknesses, and dark sides. You are so comfortable with each other that it seems you need no one else in your life.

4. Differences do not matter

When you are in love with each other, your gender, height, weight, flaws and other factors do not matter, even after a breakup. You keep loving or at least remembering that person till the end of your life.

5. Long-distance relationship poses many challenges

Long-distance relationships pose many challenges, but it does not mean you should give up on your love. Both of you can survive a long-distance relationship unless you are not committed to each other.

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6. Breakup is not the end of your life

Unfortunately, not all relationships are successful. When you relationship fails, your life does not end. You have to overcome your tears, pain and sorrow and move forward. You may not forget that person, but let them go if they ask you. One-sided love has no future.

7. You are beautiful

Every girl has her own flaws. Regardless of how big or small they are, she is absolutely beautiful. If your partner does not like your appearance, perhaps you are trying to build a relationship with a wrong person. Think about it.

8. Silence is precious

This Notebook’s quote is my favorite one. Words mean nothing to lovers. They can enjoy each other’s company without uttering a word. There is no awkward silence between them. There is only love. The silence expresses much more intimacy between two partners than words.

9. Unrequited love is not a disaster

If your partner does not love you, you have to find enough strength to walk away from your unrequited love. If he forgot about you, do not waste your precious time on him. You deserve to have a better partner who will love you forever.

10. Appreciate every moment you spend together

This is a lesson every couple should learn from the Notebook. Remember, every couple faces challenges. The main thing is to keep that sparkle alive. Have fun together, enjoy silence and talk to each other as often as possible.

The Notebook is a fantastic movie, albeit a lot of people hate it. I think that only someone who never felt in love can hate this love story. If you are not one of them, why not enjoy this story once again today?

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