10 Fun Ways to Celebrate the New Year Alone


When you watch New Year celebrations on television, it looks like everyone in the world observes the holiday at loud, crowded parties. In spite of appearances, many people prefer to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another alone. If you’ve found yourself alone for New Year and aren’t sure how to mark the day, take heart: there are plenty of fun ways you can celebrate solo.

Many people don’t have a family or trustworthy friends, so there’s nothing wrong with you. You shouldn’t feel bored or depressed. Pick one or two of these ten activities, and chances are you will have an incredibly fun New Year’s celebration.

Just focus on positive things. Don’t pity yourself. You’re not miserable, because ringing in the New Year alone will allow you to enjoy your own company, discover your hidden skills and set smart resolutions.

1. Create a scrapbook

As the year draws to a close, take time to remember what you’ve accomplished. Buy an empty scrapbook and fill it with photos and mementos of your achievements.

Include handwritten notes and recollections of the most memorable events of the year, both personal and those from the headlines. You will be so interested in creating your own scrapbook that you won’t notice you celebrate New Year alone.