Everything You Need to Know About Dress Code (20 Infographics)


With so much happening in our life, deciding what to wear isn’t always easy. You’re invited to a party, or a wedding, or a business meeting with, and the dress code is spelled right out for you in black and white, but what does it really mean? We offer you these 20 dress code infographics to guide you through what to wear for any occasion.

1. Dress Code Cheat Sheet

2. Dress Codes 101

3. Decoding the Dress Code

4. Different Dress Codes for Meetings and Events

5. Dress Code for the Occasion

6. The Evolution of Office Dress Codes

7. Dress Codes: Do They Matter?

8. Dressing for Success

9. Navigating Workplace Dress Codes

10. What’s the Difference Between Business Casual and Business Professional

11. How to Dress for Interview Success

12. How to Dress for a Business Meeting

13. How to Dress for a Client Meeting

14. Decoding Women’s Dress Code

15. 5 Dresses to Wear on Your Birthday

16. What to Wear to a Wedding

17. Men’s Dress Codes

18. Summer Dress Codes for Men

19. A Man’s Guide to Black Tie

20. The Great Gatsby Dress Code