11 Essential Things to Do When You Catch Cold


Now we are moving towards that time of the year when the risk to get a cold or flu is higher than in winter. Apart from those tips you should know about how to protect yourself from getting sick, you have to know how to make the process of recovery easier and quicker. Along with the medication you take against cold or flu you have to know some things which will also be very effective. Here are 11 tips for you to follow when you caught cold.

1. Seeing doctor

As a rule, when people catch a simple cold or flu they heel themselves by the traditional meds that are found in every home without consulting their doctor. You have to be careful with that and as soon as you feel you got something more serious you must consult your doctor without hesitation. Moreover, if after a few days of home-treatment you do not feel any better you have to call a doctor. Remember that your health is not the thing to take the risk of.

2. Hot beverages

Why are hot beverages so helpful when you get cold? The answer is very simple – it warms you from the inside, thus it influences your body very positively. You may choose any kind of tea to your taste, it may be black or green, or herbal. You must know that certain herbal teas have particular effects on your body so you are to be aware of them. It is also possible to strengthen the effect of hot tea if you combine it with lemon or honey. They are rich in vitamin C and various nutrients which will help you with inflammation.

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3. Fluids

A high dose of vitamins is extremely necessary to get through the recovery process. What you have to do is to drink fresh juice rich in vitamins. They will boost your immune system and you will recover from your cold or flu faster and effortlessly. Moreover, not only will juice be useful, you may also drink more water and warm milk. Drink more to rehydrate your body and to keep the level of vitamins high.

4. Get more sleep

As you get thick your body needs much energy and efforts to fight it that’s why you have to rest more. Allow yourself to spend one or two days in bed even though you have had a good night sleep. It is better to stay at home and take care of your health by lying in bed and recover faster than fighting your cold on the run. Remember that your body restores its physical strength and health faster while sleeping.

5. Home hydrotherapy

As you catch cold or flu the worst thing about it is having running nose. A good solution will be to run a humidifier or to take a few deep breaths over the hot water. Take a bowl of hot steamy water, cover your head with a towel and bend over it so that you breathe in the most of steam. Be careful not to bend too close to the water. Another way is to take a bath or to give a bath to your feet. Anyway the rule you must remember is that the water should not be too hot, otherwise it will dry out your skin which negatively affects the process of recovery.

6. Healthy food

Keeping a healthy diet is the main rule for every person who wants to be a picture of health. When you get sick it is even more important. Although you may not feel like eating, you should make an effort and try. For example, a few spoons of chicken soup will make you feel better because it is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. In this case homemade food will be just what you need. It is advised to add onion and garlic to your ration, better fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables are to be the constant parts of your diet not only when you got ill but every day also.

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7. Foods to avoid

I decided to group them separately as they deserve our special attention. When you are sick you’d better avoid dairy products, though they are very healthy and must be consumed almost every day. But in case of having cold or flu milk or yogurt won’t make you feel better but quite on the contrary. It causes your nose sinuses swell more and it will be painful to swallow. It is not worth mentioning that ice cream is contraindicated, however it may relieve the pain when you have angina. Hot cocoa will make you feel drowsy so you’d better substitute it for a cup of hot tea.

8. A little bit of exercise

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go straight to the gym or go jogging. Of course, not. But it would be great to do some simple yoga exercises and stretches or even meditation. Excessive physical load must be avoided but simple exercises will stimulate your body to fight the illness quicker.

9. Find a book to read

As you lie in bed all day long the best cure for getting bored is reading. I’m sure you have at least one book you want to read but have never been able to find time to read it before. Reading is a good way to distract you from concentrating on your illness and some other problems, as well as to relax and to travel to the depth of your imagination. Finish that book that has been lying on your bedside table for months. When you feel your eyes get tired change the activity to listening music or audio book.

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10. Take everything with you

The most terrible thing is to get out of a warm and cozy blanket in need of a remote or your phone. So it would be wise to gather all the things you might need near you before stretching out in bed or on a couch. Pick all the remedies, pills, cough syrup, or anything you have been prescribed by the doctor. Don’t forget you phone, remotes, books or music or whatever you are going to engage yourself with. Then take care of the pillows, blankets, napkins and pets. If you have one feed him and bring with you to cuddle beside you. As soon as everything is ready take a cup of hot tea, get under the blanket and relax.

11. A binge-watching session

Many of us consider vegging out completely unacceptable even when being ill. What you have to do is to give yourself a slack and to relax. A good way to distract you and keep you in bed is watching your favorite shows and movies. You don’t have time to do it in your everyday routine so allow yourself not to think about problems.

I’m sure nobody is fond of getting sick so in order to get better faster you need to give your body and spirit all the necessary conditions. If you follow these tips you will get better in no time. Do you have your secret remedy to heal you in no time? We all are eager to find out.