8 Dating Rituals That Only 80s-90s Girls Can Understand


Modern girls enjoy all the dating benefits that we girls born in 80s-90s didn’t even hear about. We didn’t know about smartphones and Facebook. We didn’t chat online and didn’t receive calls via Skype.

Nowadays, girls spend most of the time in front of their laptops and tablets, chatting with their boyfriends and girlfriends instead of going out and meeting them in person. It’s great and disappointing at the same time. Great, because you don’t have to leave your cozy room in order to talk to your boyfriend.

Disappointing, because you spend too many time online. Here are some dating rituals that only 80s-90s girls can understand.

1. Wait until you can use your phone

80s-90s girls didn’t have smartphones. Plus, some of them were not lucky to have any phone at home so they had to ask their classmates or neighbors to use their phone to call their boyfriends.

Moreover, they couldn’t speak freely because there was always someone nearby. No love talk. No date talk. No sex talk.

Unless you were home alone, of course. Nowadays, teen girls have smartphones, tablets, laptops and the Internet. They don’t have to ask and wait in order to talk to their guys.

2. Please, pick up!

When 80s-90s girls finally found the phone, the only thing they had in mind when calling the guy, “Please, pick up!” But unfortunately his mom or dad picked up and so a few times. Then, your phone’s busy again and you had to wait till tomorrow to call him again.

3. Can’t wait for a long walk around the town

Neither girls nor guys born in 80s-90s didn’t have money for restaurants. Actually, they didn’t even think about it. They didn’t focus on money. All they needed is love.

Long walks around the town were precious and romantic. It was a sign that he’s truly interested in you.

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4. Hand-written notes

Who said 80s-90s girls didn’t text their crushes? When they received hand-written notes from their guys, they appreciated those notes and kept them in secret so that no one could read them.

Modern girls can’t understand this dating ritual because all they can do is text, read and delete. After all, who saves text messages these days?

5. Love letters

80s-90s girls who had long-distance relationships tried to master the art of writing cool and romantic love letters. They nourished their creativity each day and spent hours reading Shakespeare and looking for some romantic quotes to wow your significant other.

They didn’t have the Internet – a local library was their best source of information, while modern girls do quick Google search and find whatever they need or like.

6. Chasing

Since 80s-90s girls didn’t have Facebook, they couldn’t find any personal information about their crushes. They had to ask friends or chase after them.

If a girl wanted to find out how beautiful her ex’s new girlfriend or just crush’s girlfriend was, she had to wait hours before she spotted them together. It was a long process.

Now we just check Twitter or Facebook and find out everything we want to know. It takes a few minutes only.

7. Long hours by your landline phone

He said, “I’ll call you today.” You sit by your landline phone and don’t allow anyone to use it. Two hours. Three hours.

Finally, you hear your dream ring. Your emotions are high and your happiness is big. Does it sound familiar to you?

If you were born after 1995, then it doesn’t. Girls in 80s and 90s never knew when their boyfriends would call them so they spent many hours sitting by the landline phone. Unbelievable, but it’s true.

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8. No Facebook status

Modern girls worry about their Facebook status more than about a breakup. Girls in 80s-90s didn’t worry about it, which is why it was easier to overcome a breakup and move on. Instead of checking their ex’s pictures online, they read books, went for a stroll with girls or just watched the stars.

It seems dating in 80s-90s (and earlier) was a total disaster, but it wasn’t. Yes, there was no Internet connection, but they did spend quality time together without smartphones and laptops. Today, technology has ruined a lot of happy relationship.

Do you think modern dating is better than it was in 80s or 90s?