7 Ideas to Make Any Picnic More Enjoyable


When the weather warms up many of us start planning a picnic, and that’s why I want to share some great ideas for any picnic with you. I like using these fabulous ideas to create either a romantic or playful picnic setting. Check out a few ideas to make any picnic even more enjoyable!

1. Take along some weatherproof pillows

I always take along pillows, especially when I and my husband have a romantic picnic. It’s so nice when you lay down on the pillows with your partner staring up at the sky for an hour or so. If you want to make your picnic more enjoyable, just take along weatherproof pillows that you can find in any home supply store.

2. Grab a waterproof blanket

In my opinion, one of the most essential items for a picnic is a waterproof blanket. Why is it so essential?

You might know that when you lay a blanket out on the dewy ground, it’s stuck with it instantly. So I never go on picnics without my waterproof blanket.

3. Plan a romantic picnic? Don’t forget about candles!

There’s nothing more romantic than having a romantic picnic at sunset. One thing that I always make sure to bring when I and my husband are going to have a picnic is the candles.

I like to take along jar candles as they keep the flame contained and have a level bottom. Candles will add the perfect amount of ambiance to your picnic.

4. Take along plastic tray

This is another essential item to take along to a picnic. I’m sure you know how it’s difficult to set foods and drinks down on an uneven ground.

Since they always topple over, I always bring a plastic tray to set out all of foods and drinks on. The plastic tray creates a stable base so that drinks and foods will not tip over.

5. Who doesn’t like bubbles?

Kids sure love bubbles! I always make sure to take along some bubbles with me on family picnics. My children love to run around and chase them and I like to hear their little squeals of joy. Bubbles will definitely provide hours of fun.

6. Be sure to bring along your bug spray

Okay, it isn’t actually a fun idea, but it will help you to avoid not having fun. Spending time outside is great, but there is nothing more terrible than pesky bugs. Always spray yourself down before you go, and make sure you bring some extra.

7. Grab some sidewalk chalk

Children like sidewalk chalk as much as bubbles, and this an easy-to-pack and small item will really keep your kids entertained. However, make sure you are having a picnic close to concrete.

A picnic is the activity that is definitely to please everyone. Which of these ideas do you like? Or do you have any others ideas? Share your thoughts, please.