10 Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter


Cold weather can be enjoyable if you’re building a snowman or out on the ski slopes. However, when it’s time to come inside, staying warm becomes the top priority.

Turning up the heat will certainly help, but there are some other tactics you can use to make your home toasty. Here are 10 creative ways to keep your home warm this winter:

1. Fix drafty doors and windows

You’d be surprised by how much cold air can come in through small cracks in doors and windows. Make sure all of your home’s openings are properly sealed and add weatherproof strips if necessary. Draft stoppers or rolled-up towels can also stop the chill from entering your doorways.

2. Invest in some space heaters

Space heaters can be very effective tools for warming a specific area. They’ll generate quite a bit of heat without using a lot of electricity.

Plug one in near your sofa or a favorite chair to keep warm while you watch television. Try to buy space heaters in advance to save money.

3. Light a fire

Almost every house has a fireplace. If you have a fireplace, it can help keep your home warm this winter season. Lighting a fire in your fireplace late in the day will keep your home cozy all evening long.

You and your loved ones can gather around the flames to feel the gentle heat. A roaring fire is sure to warm your heart and soul! Don’t forget about hot beverages!

4. Use candles

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can at least light a few candles throughout your home. The flames may be small, but you’ll be amazed by how much warmth they’ll generate. Keep several candles nearby to give your family an extra bit of heat during the winter months.

5. Close the doors of rooms you’re not using

It’s a good idea to close off any rooms that aren’t in use during cold weather. This will cause the heat to be focused in one area of your home and help that portion feel warmer.

Get into the habit of closing the door behind you as you exit any room. It’s a simple step that can make a big difference in how warm you are on a chilly night.

6. Soak up the sun

The sun puts out a tremendous amount of heat. Fortunately, you don’t have to be outside to take advantage of those rays.

When the sun is beaming down, open up your curtains to allow the natural light and warmth to fill your home. As a bonus, this can improve your mood and help you fight off those winter blues.

7. Cook a hearty meal

Most of us enjoy eating filling soups and stews when it’s cold outside. Roasted turkey and ham are also typical menu offerings for winter holidays.

Eating hot foods can boost your internal body temperature, but there’s another way those hearty meals can help you deal with the cold climate. The heat from your oven and stove will help you feel warm long after dinner is over. Get in the kitchen and whip up some warmth this season!

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8. Use electric blankets and heating pads

If your bedrooms tend to be the coldest parts of your home, you don’t have to shiver through the night. Putting a heating pad under your sheets can warm things up. You can also put an electric blanket on your bed and snuggle under the heat it produces.

9. Cover up tile and wood flooring

Much of your home’s heat can escape through your tile and wood floors. Consider installing some carpet to retain that warmth.

If that’s not possible, pick up several large rugs and runners. You can use them to cover up most of the exposed areas and trap in more heat.

Plus, your feet will be warmer on plush fabric than they will be on cold tile or wood. Everyone wants to have toasty toes in the wintertime!

10. Leave the bathroom door open when you shower

There’s nothing that will warm you up quite like a hot shower. To maximize the benefits, try leaving the door open while you wash.

The steam that escapes can make nearby rooms feel warmer. That’s perfect for when you’re getting dressed on a chilly morning.

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It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer inside this winter. It’s simple to keep your home cozy during those long winter nights. With the creative ideas on this list, you can stay warm no matter how much cold weather you face this year.

Do you have any other tricks to keep a house warm during this winter season?