8 Tips for Caring for Your Ringlets


Hairstyles featuring ringlets have been around for centuries. Statues of ancient Greeks show ringlets on both women and men. Shirley Temple’s curly locks created a ringlet craze for children.

Whether tightly wound or loose and wavy, ringlets continue to be popular. A full head of these curls or a few tendrils around the face can create a formal or informal hairstyle.

Both curly and straight hair can be worked into ringlets. To form a ringlet, grasp a small section of hair and twist it a few times at the scalp. Then wrap that section around a cylindrical shape.

Tight spirals can be created by wrapping around pipe cleaners. Small or large foam rollers can be used to make tight ringlets or larger, more relaxed curls. Strips of rags can also be used to form spirals.

Care for your ringlet hairstyle sounds very much like a cooking recipe. Many hair care companies offer “milk”, “butter” and “oil” to nourish the hair, prevent frizzy ends, and preserve the curls. Select the product best suited for your own hair and follow these tips for healthy hair and great hairstyles.

1. Get your best hair product

Choose the appropriate product for your hair type and work it into your wet hair after shampooing. For naturally curly or permed hair, bend your head over and dry while scrunching curls into place with your fingers. Use the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to keep the curls in place.

2. Protect your curls

Protect your hair with a heat-protecting spray when you use a curling or spiral iron. Form ringlets on dry hair after spraying with one of the products designed to shield the hair from heat damage. Make sure to pull the iron all the way to the end of the strands to avoid frizzy ends.

3. Shape them

Add mousse, gel, or hairspray to each hair section as you shape the curls. This will help hold the shape of the ringlet.

Don’t use too much of the product, though. Otherwise, you can significantly damage your ringlets.

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4. Keep your curls in place

Finish your style and spray with hairspray to keep it in place. Non-aerosol sprays can target each ringlet without making the rest of the hairdo stiff. You can skip using your hairspray if you have a full head of curls.

5. Form your ringlets as you sleep

If you are looking to speed up your morning routine, use foam rollers or rags to form your ringlets as you sleep. These are soft enough to sleep on and your curls will be formed in the morning. Undo the rollers carefully to maintain the spiral shape of the curls.

6. Keep your hairstyle in place overnight

To preserve your finished hairdo, sleep with a silk scarf wrapped loosely around your head. This old trick will help to keep your hairstyle in place overnight as well as prevent split ends.

7. Refresh your curls

Refresh your curls in the morning by moistening them with a very light spray of water. Run your fingers through them, lifting away from the scalp to restore volume. This trick you can also use when you have oily hair in the morning but have no time for washing.

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8. Get a good haircut

Your haircut plays an important role in how your curls look, not to mention that it can give your hair a brand new look. A layered cut can give you a full head of curls.

Hair cut to all one length will have longer spirals and tendrils. To add volume to your hair and help to hold the curl of the ringlets, treat yourself to a permanent.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your locks to see what works best for your hair. Try small, tight ringlets and loose waves.

Curl your whole head or gather the curls back into a ponytail. Follow these little care tips and enjoy healthy, stylish hair each day.