10 Natural Summer Remedies for Your Straight or Curly Hair


Summer hair represents your personality. You may not think it’s easy to keep your hair cute, but it can be! Here are a few summer remedies for straight and curly hair:

5 Remedies for Straight Hair

1. Put Your Hair on a Diet

Since hair is made out of protein, eating protein rich foods such as meat, fish, and dairy products is essential for healthy hair. It is also helpful to apply organic butter or coconut oil to the hair to give it the extra nutrition and shine that it needs.

2. Use Eggs on Your Hair

Eggs contain protein and nutrients that can help you maintain your straight hair. Try mixing your eggs with milk and applying it to your hair for a straight and glossy look. This remedy can be applied every week or once a month.

3. Mayo Remedy

Mayonnaise can help the hair look shiny. Apply it once a month to keep your hair shiny, strong, and smooth. Olive oil shampoo with lemon juice makes this remedy even more effective.

4. Give Your Hair a Cup of Hot Tea

Tea can be effective and helpful to the body and the hair. Try soaking your hair in a big bowl filled with concentrated hot tea for 5 minutes. Rinse your hair with cold water. This hot tea remedy can really help you improve the health and vitality of your hair. Hot tea is the perfect solution for dry hair in the heat of the summer.

5. Give Your Hair a Bottle of Beer

Beer is rich in properties that can help you strengthen the protein bonds of your hair. Pour a bottle of beer into frying pan heated on medium. Wait until the beer becomes thick like syrup. Wash hair with this beer shampoo and its protein will make your hair strong and beautiful.