7 Amazing Curling Iron Tricks that Are Easy to Follow


I have always had many problems with using a curling iron! But now, I’m so happy that I’ve mastered the iron thanks to these wonderful curling iron tricks that are really easy to follow! So if you have a lot of problems with using a curling iron, read on to learn some amazing curling iron tricks!

1. Prepare your hair for styling

When you’re trying to curl your hair preparing it for styling is extremely important. Make sure you don’t use plenty of products. Curling serum and some hairspray will be enough. By the way, which products do you use when you are curling your hair?

2. Don’t curl your hair when it is wet or damp

One of the most important tips to follow when you are trying to curl your hair is not to curl your hair when it is wet or damp. It will sizzle and burn your hair and make it look like it is unhealthy and fried versus shiny and beautiful! Also, don’t straighten your hair when it is damp or wet!

3. Decide what size you want

The size of the curling iron depends on what type of curls you need. Perhaps, this was the biggest curling iron trick that I really had no idea about! I always thought that I could use my big curling iron for almost everything! But in reality, if you want big waves, you need a large-barrel curling iron and if you want smaller and tighter curls, opt for a small barrel curling iron!

4. Heat up your curling iron

When it comes to curling your hair, the heat is something that matters a lot! Make sure your curling iron is not too cold or too hot. It means that you should find the best temperature for your hair so feel free to experiment a little!

5. Divide it up

One of the most important things to remember when you are trying to curl your hair is not to do too much hair at a time! Divide your hair up and be sure not to have too much hair in the barrel! Curl a little bit of your hair at a time and you will get the best curls ever!

6. Use hairspray

Keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of hairspray! A small amount of good hairspray will help hold your locks in place! Personally I always use a flexible hold hairspray, so that my curls still are beautiful and bouncy!

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7. Wrap your hair around the barrel

Finally, wrap the sections of your hair around the barrel of a curling iron tucking the ends underneath. Doing this will prevent crimps in your curls. However, be very careful with it and remember practice will make it perfect! The more you practice, the better!

Now that you are aware of these amazing curling iron tricks, what are you waiting for? Grab your curling iron and curl away! Do you know any other curling iron tricks? Share them, please.