9 Best Places to Study Abroad


Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities you will get during your time at college. It offers you a chance to learn a new language, get to know a new culture, and have many new experiences. So now that you have decided you want to head off to study in a different country – where should you go?

1. United Kingdom

The UK is always a popular choice for students choosing where to study abroad. While living in London may be the ultimate dream for many college students, there are many other great university cities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. London living costs are high but the lifestyle is more than worth it. For more affordable options, you could head north to Durham, Newcastle, York, Edinburgh or Aberdeen. In idyllic Wales, you could choose from Swansea or Aberystwyth. In Northern Ireland, there is Queen’s University in Belfast.

2. Italy

If you are looking to improve your language skills, or simply to indulge in the wonderful food and culture, Italy is a brilliant destination for your study abroad opportunity. Rome is the obvious choice for its rich history and buzzing student scene. Florence is the ideal place for arty and romantic types. If you want to study at a university that is among the oldest in Europe, then you should head to Bologna.

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3. Australia

The laid-back, sun-loving culture of Australia will call out to many college students looking for the ideal country for their study abroad program. Australia has many good universities and a great quality of living, and is the perfect destination for those who love to be outdoors. Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world, and so city living is easy and fun. Melbourne and Sydney are both great places to be a student, with good universities and lots to do in your spare time.

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4. China

China is an exciting and vibrant place to study abroad. Combining your study with a Mandarin Chinese language course will equip you with valuable skills that will help you to stand out in the job market once you graduate. Among the Chinese universities most often favored by international students are the University of International Business in Beijing, Nankai University in Tianjin, and Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing.

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5. France

Many college students are drawn to the effortless style and delicious food in France when considering where to study abroad. Studying French language at the same time will be useful, as French is an important business language. Whether you choose the excitement and culture of Paris, or a city like Grenoble with a more understated Gallic charm, you can find the perfect place to study in France.

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6. Germany

Germany boasts the world-known festival Oktoberfest, and Munich offers one of the most active party scenes in Europe, with the weekend parties that last into the small hours of the morning. Moreover, Germany boasts some of the best schools for engineering in the world and large corporations, such as Volkwagen, Allianz, and Siemens, with opportunities for internships.

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7. Czech Republic

Another popular destination for students is Prague, a beautiful city with awesome culture and friendly people. Its beer gardens, lively bars, and a whole district of breathtaking castles are definitely alluring to young people. It’s also the center of Europe, perfect for planning some trips to other countries on your holidays or even weekends while at school.

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8. Ireland

Ireland has a world of culture and tradition to offer. Walk down the beautiful streets of Dublin amongst live musical performers and stop into one of the best local bars, and I guarantee you will never look at beer the same way again! From Trinity College to the National University of Ireland in Galway, the universities of Ireland offer student organizations and friendly atmospheres that will immerse you in the Irish culture.

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9. Canada

Now imagine New York with a bit of Las Vegas mixed in and you will start to understand the livelihood that the beautiful city of Montreal offers. It’s a real party city that boasts internationally recognized festivals including the world’s largest comedy festival Just For Laughs and the Montreal Jazz Festival. I love Canadians the are the friendliest people in the world!

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Wherever you choose to study, it is guaranteed that you will have a fantastic cultural experience and a chance to learn new things.